Speculative Stock Plays for Political Advertising?

I’m going to assume Mr Market has generally priced in political advertising spend this year. But, perhaps it’s not priced in for 2022.

Based on how tight the election is, I am going to speculate that 2022’s election when additional congress seats are up for grabs will have enormous political advertising spend.

So… what are the plays for this? Facebook? Fox News? Comcast?

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There’s going to be $100M+ blown in GA this Jan. How much would you pay to force thru the Senate a multi-$T deal paid for with other people’s money? Not sure I have any targeted stock picks for this tho.


GTN looks to benefit from GA advertising. They are a TV station with a large GA presence and made a ton on political ads already this year. No position but considering.

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Even if ad rates spike, there’s still only so many minutes they can sell per hour, most of which are already being sold to other advertisers anyways. Will those sales in a single state for a (relatively) short period of time have a significant effect on their net results, or will it just push local GA advertiers to the sidelines for a few weeks?


I think this is what happens, but I’m not 100% sure. Maybe they didn’t sell other slots for Oct, but either way they made a ton of money on political ads last month.

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I wound up buying a small amount of GTN. I’ve been building up a mini “index” of 100 or so stocks in small quantities in my tax sheltered account, because I dislike that the SP500 is so heavily tilted to a few companies and now more so because I don’t want to be a Tesla bag holder.

Seems like a reasonable company at a reasonable valuation so I include it in my stock holdings at about 0.02% which seems insignificant but at free trades (although buy/sell spread is still a thing), it’s reasonable to me and helps diversity.

Plus, I have about 30 companies in the 0.02% range, small and mid caps, and many have done outstanding since I started this 6 months ago. Beating the SP500 by 10x but I also bet infrastructure would do well, and today was another 10% to 20% one day gain for many of my 0.02% plays.