Spendable Gold Coins - Free Shipping!

The one ounce gold eagles are nice, but these little five dollar beauties are actually spendable. Sure these are a bit more expensive. Worth every penny.

Lot of 10 Gold 2022 Gold 1/10 oz American Eagle $5 US Mint Coins

Price will vary as gold price varies. Price at time of this posting:


Note about seller:

This guy had 100% positive feedback back several years ago when I bought my silver eagle monster box from him.

He still has 100% positive feedback!


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Since last year Ebay removed Ebay Bucks on bullion and coins, I have lost interest buying there.

I’m really tempted on these things. Clearly this is NOT investment gold. This instead is akin to my silver eagles:

  • Buy just one time
  • Keep around “just in case” things go south

I personally do not expect things to go south any time soon. It’s not anything I’m able to foresee. But you never know. These smaller gold coins, along with the silver eagles, are a form of insurance, so you’ll have something of value to trade for stuff you need should the value of existing currency diminish markedly.

Gold coins like these, and the silver eagles as well, will be more readily accepted as valuable compared with just bars of gold or silver. The US Mint provenance of these coins is worth its weight . . . well . . . . in gold!

Does saving an extra 1-2% even matter if nobody else sells the same thing for less? No, it doesn’t.