Sportsbook/Online Casino bonus play (For Profit, not for Fun)

Anyone else doing this? I have a possible angle I’m contemplating going bigger on.

I have accounts at 2 main books, call them A and B.

At A I consistently get 100-200% match of my deposit. As long as I play it enough the remainder is mine to keep.

At B I get paid back 7.5% of my losses if I lose my entire bankroll. (it is slightly higher than this because wagers earn ‘points’ towards $$$ as well).

My thinking is to take 2 thousand, split it up. 50% deposit into A for 100-200% match. Let’s say they only double it. So I’m playing with $2k there off of $1k deposited.

In B I deposit smaller amounts, $300-$500. I get no bonus but am free to withdraw anytime I want.

I make offsetting bets in each book, something like a ML where there is no gap. I’d ideally find something where the odds are not the same. Say a hockey O/U spread 5.5 where A has the Over at Even and B has the under at -110. Or maybe even an O/U where there is a possible push/win.

Bet $300-$500 in each book.

If A Wins I now have $2300 in A, and I’ll be refunded $22.50 in B for my loss in B. Deposit $500 into B and try it again. Eventually when B wins I can clear money from A at ~90% profit.

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I think you’re maybe 10 years late :frowning: (wow time flies).

The transaction difficulty and increased rollover requirements have made this very difficult to achieve. Not sure which book B is, but many that have these types of promotions do things to limit their benefit.


Yes. I’ve read the posts from some of the people who were able to take advantage of the early days and SMH.

Curse this youth of mine!

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What’s the fine print on the 100 to 200% bonus? How much money do you have to risk before they pay the bonus? 10x? 20x? 50x?

100% bonus is 20x, 200% bonus is 30x.

But the above is not to play through the bonus, ideally it would be to ‘transfer’ the bonus money to a non-bonus book. Theoretically at some point I could reverse the two books since I’m sure after large cash outs at book B they’d start enticing me to redeposit. Book A loses nothing, in fact they make money off me since my goal is to crap out with them.