Stainless Air Fryer $55 with free shipping

I actually own one of these, bought at an earlier sale. It has been working well and I use it all the time.

This air fryer, I’m confident, internally is the same as cheaper ones. What you’re paying extra for here is the stainless steel front and top. I didn’t realize that when I bought mine . . . . not until later. I just wanted an air fryer.

But if appearance matters to you, if you have an all stainless steel kitchen for example, maybe this will work for you. This is a sale price. This fryer usually goes for about fifteen bucks more, and at times for even more than that:

Stainless steel air fryer on sale at Best Buy

Last night I prepared pizza using this air fryer. It was frozen cheese pizza - no meat. Covered cheese first with green peppers, then on top of that with red peppers, then on top of all that with halved ripe olives to finish off.

OK, so the pizza was frozen but the peppers and olives were just cold. I blasted that combo for ten minutes at 400 degrees in the air fryer. It came out just right, tasted very good, and I did not have to heat up a large oven.

I also use this air fryer many nights to prepare dessert. Bake up a single, large (about four inches in diameter), double chocolate chip cookie in the air fryer. It starts as flattened frozen batter maybe 3/8 inch, plus or minus, thick. Cooking time is eighteen minutes at 385 degrees. The cookies come out delicious and, again, there is no need to heat up a large oven.

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BB has boosted the price of this air fryer to $120. Don’t pay that much. This model can often be had for just $69. Even the $55 special price in the OP is likely to return, maybe around Black Friday. It would not surprise me to see even a lower price then, but of course this cannot be known for certain.

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