Street addressing for USPS PO boxes

Some financial institutions balk when you go in with a PO Box address.

I found this comment on Ken’s website. Credit for this goes to a poster over there named midas89:

midas89 | 2 hours ago | Comment #6

Beth, you probably already know that USPS allows Street Addressing for PO Boxes. Example: You have PO Box 5555 located at the USPS at 100 Main Street, Anytown, CA. After you sign up for USPS Street Addressing for your PO Box, you can have U.S. Mail (and UPS & FedEx, etc.) addressed to: Your Name, 100 Main St. Unit 5555, Anytown, CA. (You can also substitute Unit with #.)

On my DL, I changed the PO Box address to the USPS Street Addressing Address, so people see it’s a street address…and they might not instantly recognize that the street address really resolves to the Post Office. (Now, of course, a bank, etc. that checks the address will have access to a database that informs them it’s a “Commercial Mail Receiving Address.”)

I have not personally sought to apply for street addressing for my USPS PO Box because I was unaware, prior, such a thing even existed. Surely hope poster midas89 is correct. We shall see.


Apparently midas89 is spot on, albeit with one or two wrinkles. There is much more information on this topic here:

More information regarding street addressing for USPS PO Boxes

Ongoing research indicates this USPS feature might have application in the MS world. Sorry, I do not have the details.


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You may find this interesting:

I think private mail boxes can be cheaper and more available than USPS PO Boxes.

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Your site caught my attention.

After reading into this option, it sounds more like a temporary address. I do use a P.O. box for all my mail, & have been for over 5+ years. I live in the country & my mailbox was constantly being knocked down & having to be replaced. (kids having fun on a Friday night)

Doing a lot of banking, like we do on this Fragile Deal site, it can be a problem when you use a PO box. First we must use our physical address on the application & it doesn’t always ask for your mailing address. But, I’m not sure this change of Street address as the PO address would work for me.

Do what my father did to correct that problem when I was a kid. Use a 10’ telephone pole and screw your mailbox onto the top of it. After having our mailbox run over or backed over three or four times a year, the above solution worked perfectly. They may not let you do it today, as my father was recently contacted and told to take it down as it was too dangerous (I presume for drunks and careless drivers).

In several jurisdictions, you can no longer bury more than a certain depth or use concrete to set the pole. Evidently a liability issue for the people that hit your mailbox.