Student Loan Refi Question - Where to Start?

1st Post on this site - I’m originally from FWF.

My Sig Other recently graduated grad school, CRNA - landed a job making about $130k+/year in low cost of living area. Credit is in the 800s.

She has a total of 150k in student loans, most of which are around the 7-8% APR Mark. These are Private Student Loans. She has about $30k cash saved up.

I’ve been out of the loop on SL for a while… But this seems pretty high to me. I would image a Refi is order. Hence, my post here…

How have you guys found the best REFIs? Do you simply Google Search for legit REFI opportunity? Reach out to local Bank? Se’s been getting things in the mail to refi with various companies (that I have never heard of) - check into some of those? Etc… Any special things to look out for?

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Have you look at SOFI? I think your SO sounds like their target market. I have no idea how truly competitive they are.


I’ve heard good things on SoFi - had a lawyer friend refinance down to 2.75% from 6 to 8% on the loans he had. Definitely give them a whirl.

If you’ve never heard of the companies you’re getting mail from, you shouldn’t refi with them unless you can confirm they’re legitimate.

Otherwise, I’ve heard Sofi sometimes has good rates as moosy mentioned. She should also check with her employer to see if there are any student loan refinancing promotions. Who is the loan with now? 7-8 percent fixed may not be that bad in a couple years, so consider likelihood of variable rates going up. I wouldn’t use the cash to pay off the student loan, but this is a personal choice.

Thanks Everyone - Will check out SOFI First.

Do NOT refi gov loans for 3 years. Get her on the REPAYE program to maximize the interest subsidy for 3 years (or at least 1 year based or previous year’s tax returns.

OP said these were private loans.

In addition to sofi, you may want to check out:

Laurel Road (formerly DRB)