Sure, work from home and here's a VPN to make it safe and sound

Phishing for dollars …

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There’s no problem with VPN technology, which is indeed safe and sound (your title is clickbait! :slight_smile: ). One problem is insufficient employee training, which allows them to become a victim. Another may be poor corporate network security that gives too much access to unsophisticated employees or can’t detect intrusions. Security is complicated (i.e., expensive).

Clickbait? The hail, you say. I was aiming for humor, but my brain at this point is not so reliable. I’ve started my homeschooling distillation class. <–more humor.

I agree with everything after the clickbait smiley. :slight_smile: As for no problem with VPN technology, … there are still some people running MS PPTP VPNs.

Part humor. Your headline makes it sound like VPN is the problem, but the article describes people getting phished/vished, not VPN being hacked.

Agreed - across the board, this is a big problem.

I just don’t see how effective some of these can be. Why would IT contact me via phone when they can use internal message/call app? That’d automatically validate their claims to be from IT. Plus, why would you tell your own IT department the VPN password that THEY gave you in the first place? Or why would you go to a third party website instead of logging on via your usual method? How dumb/untrained do you have to be to fall for these in this day and age?

Can I work at your company?


It’s the same people who think they need to pay their overdue income tax bill (that they previously knew nothing about) with a MoneyPak to avoid going to jail for the rest of their life.


My favorite is paying in home depot gift cards. Apparently, it is so common that HD now posts signs at their stores warning of the fraud. Sheesh!


Your talent pool must be much deeper than that in the Cackalackas.