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Found this…looks like you can make a few hundred per year by redeeming 200 swagbucks for 300 gambit tokens. You bet the Gambit tokens on powerball odd/even which guarantees you 262 gambit tokens which can be redeemed for 262 swagbucks. Definitely a bit of a hassle, but you’re continually spending 200 swagbucks to get 262 swagbucks.


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Nice. Did you try it?

Did not check details, but if it’s all correct, I doubt this scheme will last that long now that it’s public.

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I could only see myself using this if I were close to the amount of swagbucks needed to get a gift card, not as a daily thing. By the time that happens, it’ll probably be dead lol.

Honestly, it’s too much of a hassle to me to do it daily. Maybe if I was unemployed or something.

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I’m doing it. I had swagbucks anyway, so why not.

You can only redeem 400 swagbucks for 600 gambit tokens a day.
It can take 3 to 10 days for gambit tokens to land in your gambit account after redeeming from Swagbucks
After playing a match, the calculation will go into pending for about 2-5 days before you get your gambit winnings.

Gambit tokens have to be played before they are considered winnings. Only winnings can be then redeemed for swagbucks/money. This redemption is instant.

The math is actually pretty simple.
E.g. if you see a game where outcome A pays 1.24x and outcome B pays 3.03x, then contribute [1.24/(1.24 + 3.03)] = 29% of your tokens to outcome B, and the remaining 71% of your tokens to outcome A. No matter what, you’ll get ~87% of your gambit tokens as winnings. As long as the ratio is better than 66%, you come out ahead (because of the 200 Swagbucks to 300 Gambit tokens ratio).

It’s a slow churn that’s ultimately only worth about a dollar a day (400 swagbucks --> 600 gambit tokens --> 500 winnings). And to keep the pipeline going, I think you might need up to 6000 swagbucks due to the lag with the SB --> Gambit phase, and the Gambit match payout phase.

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Macro to do it all. Start a farm of 100 phones. $35k/yr
1000 phones, $350k/yr!


I’m up to 600 Gambit (in transit) and 65 SB.

FYI, the Powerball is not actually the most efficient. Taking both sides of some of the other bets are slightly more efficient. Although… Maybe I missed I need to check a “tie” isn’t possible on the ones I was looking at.

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200SB->300 Gambit
150 each on Powerball = 262 SB.
262/200 = 31% profit

But this one wins 268.4 or 267 when betting 178 on the other outcome (so, just go with 267)

267/200 =33.5% “profit”

33.5/31 = 8% more efficient


Here’s the one I picked for today to allocate 600 Gambit tokens (along with some past picks):

So I’ll get 540-542 Gambit winnings back, which become 540-542 Swagbucks, for a profit of $1.40 to $1.42 (you can take 1 cent per Swagbuck into your Paypal account on a permanent basis. There’s some temporarily better redemptions too. E.g. 2175 Swagbucks can be redeemed for a $25 e-Visa nowadays. In the absence of a sale, Swagbucks always gives you the chance to redeem 2200 SB for a $25 merchant gift card once a month (Walmart, Target, eBay, Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot, restaurant, retail etc).

I recommend not bringing all your Gambit tokens back to Swagbucks asap. Bring back only enough to get the “daily goal” bonus each day, while making sure you have 400 Swagbucks to spend for 600 more Gambit tokens each day. That’s worth a small bonus each day (might add up to $5 or $6 a month if spread out optimally).

In general, the soccer, nascar, and golf games seem to have poorer payouts, while the e-gaming, baseball, and UFC often have better odds than the Powerball 1.75/1.75 odd/even payout (which gives 400 SB --> 600 Gambit --> 525 SB). The payout is as high as 89-90.x% for some matches (see screenshot).

The good pay out ones generally don’t have a possibility for a tie. Those that can tie (like soccer) and those that have loads of participants (Nascar, golf) tend to have worse payouts.


Well, there’s no more discount Gambit tokens on Swagbucks, so this deal is dead. Then again, 300 Gambit tokens for 200 Swagbucks was labeled a sale. So it could potentially return again during future months.

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12%. They say they made the odds better though. And now the larger cards are discounted.

Example on spurs game is 273 back from 300 bet.
300 gambit now costs 264 SB. So, you’re only making ~4%.

If you have more Swagbucks saved up maybe it’s worth it… Your limit is now what… 2000 per day conversion?(or is it 2 ea amount?) so you can only get 70 profit a day now.

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I redeemed for 9000 Gambit tokens (2 2500, 4 1000) and the system let me. Not sure of the logic, but when I tried to go for some smaller cards, it said I hit the limit. So the coins cost me 7920 SB, and I’ll earn 8327 (The ARI/SDG match up pays out 92.5%), for a profit of about $4.

Of course, it all depends on how long the process takes end-to-end… I redeemed on 8/12, the Gambit tokens hit my account this morning, the game I bet on takes place tonight. I wonder when it’ll pay out? At this rate, maybe 4-5 days is reasonable, in which case I’d still earn about 80c/$1 a day, which isn’t too bad for a few clicks.

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Got my Gambit winnings today, which transferred immediately back to Swagbucks, which I then redeemed for another 9000 Gambit tokens. So the cycle time to make $4 was 3 days (given that you’re sitting on about 8000 SB).

Not bad. Let’s see how fast this cycle goes… might be slower since I’m initiating the process on a weekend. Maybe next time, I’ll have enough SB to try to redeem for 10k Gambit tokens - to see if that is within the daily redemption limit.

Redeemed for 10k Gambit tokens on Saturday, and played a game yesterday. Got my winnings today, so a 4 day cycle time. Now, you are capped at 2 Gambit token redemptions per day, regardless of denomination. So each day, you can redeem for 5k Gambit tokens max, at a cost of 4400, which can then win you ~4550 or more Gambit winnings/Swagbucks (I’m finding a number of games that pay out 91%+). So, daily profit is at about $1.50 now, but you probably need 17,600 Swagbucks to keep the churn going given 4 day cycle times.

Lol, I have 0.0000000000005 of a swagbuck


Hold onto it. It may be worth 20 bucks in a few years. :wink:

With the early October introduction of a 5000 Gambit token denomination, you could churn 8800 swagbucks into 10,000 Gambit tokens into ~9000+ Swagbucks a day (not too many games paying over 91% these days; 2 redemptions per day limit is still in place).

That’s not where the bulk of the profit is. It’s the goal 2. Gambit–>Swagbucks is still goal 2 qualifying. In the end, you could see goal 2’s of earning 8000+ Swagbucks, and earning a 600+ point daily bonus on top.

A slight turn for the worse today. All Gambit tokens have a 10% discount now, instead of a 12% discount. If you don’t find matches that pay over 90% (possible on some days), you’ll take a small haircut that cuts into your liquidity. You won’t make it back until Goal 1 & 2 bonuses post early next month (approximately November 5). The overall process is still very worth doing (ever more so for high-balance accounts due to the high churn velocity cap), but the new slightly worse ratio something to keep in mind.