Swagbucks / Gambit

Found this…looks like you can make a few hundred per year by redeeming 200 swagbucks for 300 gambit tokens. You bet the Gambit tokens on powerball odd/even which guarantees you 262 gambit tokens which can be redeemed for 262 swagbucks. Definitely a bit of a hassle, but you’re continually spending 200 swagbucks to get 262 swagbucks.



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Nice. Did you try it?

Did not check details, but if it’s all correct, I doubt this scheme will last that long now that it’s public.

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I could only see myself using this if I were close to the amount of swagbucks needed to get a gift card, not as a daily thing. By the time that happens, it’ll probably be dead lol.

Honestly, it’s too much of a hassle to me to do it daily. Maybe if I was unemployed or something.