T-Mobile One Unlimited 55, $60/mo Org $120/mo @/At T-Mobile.com

Starting August 9, qualified customers can get two lines of T-Mobile ONE — America’s best unlimited on America’s best unlimited network — for just $60, taxes and fees included, with Autopay. And that comes with unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data along with great T-Mobile ONE benefits […]

Depending on your area (work, home and play) and age (55 and over), this appears to be an amazing deal.

T-Mobile didn’t have low frequency signal until recently and it’s not much throughout the country. Phoenix Band 12 (700 MHz 5x5) was activated throughout our metro area this year. Before that, I could not get any network signal when deep inside our corporate center. It works now but as more people buy 700 MHz capable phones, that frequency will get overwhelmed. Low frequency can get inside buildings and other physical obstructions but cannot transmit/receive as much data per second. High frequency (which T-Mobile has plenty of) cannot go as far but carries plenty of bandwidth (higher transmit/receive). T-Mobile just bought $8 billion dollars worth of 600 MHz spectrum through the entire country (600 and 700 MHz low band; 1900 and 1700/2100 high band). That should help with building penetration and allow for better rural coverage since less towers can cover more square miles.

As usual, this promotion can end at any time.

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One person must be 55+
The person 55+ assumes financial responsibility but both lines can be used by anyone they trust

Two voice line limit (first phone at $50/mo with the second, optional phone at $10/mo)
Data lines can be added (tablet lines at $20/mo)

No other discounts apply
No employee, military or under 2 GB of usage discounts (not sure about hookup which is a 20% discount with limited availability unless a person with that promotion switches to this plan)

Only the primary account holder needs to be 55 or older. -turtlebug
[…] Anytime you opt to change promotions, they will not stack. So pick this one, or your grandfathered plan with employer discounts…you won’t get both (at least that’s how it works over at Verizon where I have service. […] -carbo1turbo
i think the $50 charge for the two sim cards is going to scare away many people…(like me ) thats a rip…! -trumpthegreat
That $60 is for two lines of unlimited talk, text and data. Where can I get that offer anywhere else? -snoopsnoop
I went in, they seemed willing to make the deal for me but this is postpaid w/ a credit check and I’m not down with that. -stubtify
No. The third one will have to be on a second account. -sleepfaster --refers to voice lines only

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My Original Thread Title: T-Mobile One - 2 Lines for $60 for those 55 years and older

Date Posted: Aug/07/2017 10:19 AM
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We’re under $100 for 9 lines on tmobile with Plus included (7 kickbacks last month though). Need a time machine to get that though.

A few issues with the 55 plan: no kickback eligibility, no additional voice lines can be added in the future (“free line” promotions have run in the past), no Netflix included.

The 55 plan is a good deal for exactly two lines, where they also plan to use more than 2Gb data a month (family all irresponsible with money, so can’t combine billing.)

What are these kickbacks you speak of?


You “opt in” to kickbacks on each line on the One plan. Then any voice line or One Tablet line that uses under 2gb in a particular month gets a $10 credit.* Kickbacks are basically the low-data use plan pricing option since they “only offer unlimited data”.

$10 is “before” % discounts, so if you have hookup* its actually $8 off the bill or only $4 off if you have hookup and 50% off*** that line. Free lines**** also don’t qualify, of course.

**hookup is 20% off of up to 12 One voice lines. Available to all new accounts in February with a special signup/referral code. Possibly still available in very limited circumstances (only @ some special events)

***50% off AAL / “Two for the price of One” was a different promotion earlier this year. 50% off the line charge for each of one or two added lines added during the promotional period.

****There were 2 free lines available in a promotion black Friday last year. And a different one in March of this Year. The line(s) had to be added during the promotional period.

Edit:added a bunch of footnotes. The complexity matches with tmo’s crazy billing/promotion issues. I am still having to fight/get adjusted every month and support tickets entered because their system is broken and their new KB billing implementation doesn’t work on 9 line plans, nor do the 50% AAL. This is because with 9 lines there is no “separate” itemized charge for each line. So, they’re all treated as “free” and the $270 charge is not associated with any actual lines.



I’m on the predecessor to T-Mobile one, which is $92 all-in for 2 lines, 6 gb, so I won’t be changing plans anytime soon unless it’s cheaper than that.

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Last time I looked this actually wasn’t availalbe @T-mobile.com.

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Here is the official product description on T-Mobile.com: ONE Plan Unlimited 55+ (Retired) | T-Mobile Support

55+ is not compatible with Hookup. Right now I have my folks (both 55+) and myself on T-Mobile, and thought about moving them to 55+ and putting me on an MVNO, but it isn’t worth it. Currently I pay $96 a month for three lines, with Kickback on my folks lines and the Hookup, as well as the T-Mobile One Plus promo they had earlier in the year with HD video, LTE tethering, etc. If my folks use more data then I may port them out to 55+ and add other friends to my service, but it seems like a pain.

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You probably kill it on T Mobile Tuesdays.

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Most of the Tuesday offers are worthless.


Agree most suck, but the $2 Dunkin card can be used either at DK or a Baskin Robbins. And you can consolidate them into one big GC. You probably have like $200 in GCs there (I have 2 lines and have $40).

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Most have maddeningly short expirations. But stuff like Dunks and Vudu movie rentals I think just go against your account.

I did try to apply multiple Shell cents off codes from separate TMO lines to a single FRN (Fuel Rewards Network) account but it only allowed one per account.

For a while there was a $10 Lyft ride code every week. Those were pretty sweet.

Oh, and screw most airport Dunks (the only time I see them.) Many can’t or won’t accept national GC and coupons.

Stub, please spoonfed me how to consolidate the Dunks GC :slight_smile:

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D/L the Dunkin app-- Click on “My Card” and then “Manage cards” (tab along the top, easy to miss). From there Add a DD Card, and add each card. Once you’ve added them, click on one and hit Merge Balance, amerge them all down into one card.

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I only have 2lines myself. I did get about $50 Dunkin last week though from trading GCs[quote=“TravelerMSY, post:11, topic:1462”]
Oh, and screw most airport Dunks (the only time I see them.) Many can’t or won’t accept national GC and coupons.
Link a physical GC to your account in the app. Transfer balance to that GC. Now you can use it at locations that don’t scan the QR code.

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Not worthy of a new thread IMHO but tomorrow’s Tmobile Tuesdays is a $2 Baskin Robins gift card. These can be loaded to the Dunkin Donuts app as if they were DK GCs.


Donkey Kong gift cards?