Tax software for 2020

I have found it useful to start taxes near the end of the year so I can make some last minute changes.

I see both HR Block and Turbotax are not listed on Amazon.

Last year I found the HR Block was not really up to date for this purpose. There seem to be fewer changes for this 2019. Does anyone know whether they are ready for purchase now, and which is better, or is it worth waiting.

There are usually lots of deals available for these from financial firm you have large accounts with.

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The prices aren’t very good, but both Amazon and Costco have Turbotax … not sure about H&R.

TT at Amazon

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I used FreeTaxUSA for the first time last year. I was very pleased. Their software is available now if you want to check it out. (I had used TaxAct for many years and FreeTaxUSA imported my last year’s PDF perfectly). Hope this helps.

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You can download this spreadsheet:

I have been using it for a few years and find it better than the others for “What If” scenario’s.
I have used it exclusively for my 2017 & 2018 taxes.

I have avoided doing my taxes online and bought and downloaded various tax software (TaxAct, Turbo, H&R) to use on my computer but these are becoming expensive and even hard to find. They all want your info.


H&R Block (TaxCut) has been available for purchase/download for over a month: Don’t know if it is updated, but there haven’t been that many changes as far as I know.

I agree that doing taxes online is a bad idea – nobody can really be trusted with our information, so the fewer computers/organizations have access to it, the better. But I don’t agree that the software is becoming expensive or hard to find. The price ranges have been stable ($15-60, depending on edition and any deals) and availability hasn’t changed.

The truly OFFLINE versions of the software may be harder to get now – you need to either buy a CD directly from the publisher, which may be more expensive, or you need to take extra steps to install it on a disconnected computer. For example, H&R Block doesn’t include the state software, it must be downloaded (i.e., the “license” for the state software may be included with your purchase, but the software itself must be downloaded, and it can only be downloaded and installed by the main H&R application – there’s no public link, and even if you manage to download it, it can’t be installed). I usually install everything on one virtual machine and then copy all the files (and registry keys) to another, disconnected virtual machine.

H&R Block CD is available from newegg:

Also thru Ebay

I’ve done this before as well as Credit Karma tax. I like free.

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TurboTax Premier is now available FREE for eligible Fidelity customers. Look for this in the summary page:

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Not for all Fido customers, some only get $20 discounts. My guess is you need to either be a Private Client or have $1mil+ in assets with them.

Can’t forget these:

I use TT for free with this route, includes state e-file too and all schedules.

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It was not in either mine or DH’s summary page but it showed up in the Tax information page so YMMV.

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According to the following page, Free TurboTax Premier Online is available if you qualify for Active Trader:

Interesting. I have a little over a half million with them across the 401k and a brokerage account and I’ve gotten zippo. I don’t actively trade with them though aside from 401k contributions/rebalances and RSU vests…

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Anyone have experience with I have to file in multiple states this year and this was the only option I found which offers reasonable rates for multiple states.

Same here, but they offered me $20 off. The fine print on the offer says that it is a referral for which Fidelity is getting paid.

I’ve got no personal experience, but do know of two people who have used them without complaint. I have yet to pay for state efiling. I’ve had such simple state returns that I do them manually and snail mail them.

Not sure how many states in your case so may be cheaper. However, I have been happy with for Federal and 1 state. Looks like each state is $12.95.

Pretty sure it’s for Private Client Group members (not sure about the exact requirements for that). We only got the free TT premier after we received the invitation to that PCG thing so that’s my best guess. Although since I did not make the connection the first time around, the first year I qualified, I had already filed my taxes when I noticed. Go figure.

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