Taylor Digital Glass Bathroom Scale with Extra Large Display $9.97 + $0.99 S&H at costco.com


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That seems to me a really good price.

But I have never shopped at Costco, and the closest store for me is hours distant. Can anyone get this deal straightaway? Or do you have to somehow “join” Costco first at separate, additional cost?

There is a 5% non-member surcharge applied to any online purchases: Why am I being charged a non-member surcharge?

One way around this surcharge is to buy a Costco gift card. In this case though, it doesn’t seem worth the hassle.


Thank you for posting. Much appreciated.

So the surcharge means an extra 50¢ in the case of this deal. That does not seem unreasonable to me.

My thanks to the OP, @turtlebug, for posting such a great deal. I just checked and turtlebug’s deal remains available as I write this.

My scale arrived today from California and I am impressed. The scale itself weighs about four pounds and operates on three AAA cells. Three AAA Duracell batteries are included.

Everything about the scale bespeaks quality, from the careful packaging right on up to the scale itself. Upon first inspection and weighing I have zero negative comments. It’s all good.

The only thing I’m unable to evaluate at this point is durability. The passage of time alone will allow that assessment. But I have to tell you:

I am darn happy I ordered this scale. And that is true even though I’m not a Costco member and was required to pay a small premium for the scale, together with tax and a small charge for shipping. Still a great deal.

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Glad you like it, shinobi.

Per one review for this scale, and as with almost all digital scales,

“…you must calibrate it before each use. By this I mean that you must step on it gently with one foot to wake it up. Once the display shows, remove your foot and wait for three zeros to show. Once you see the three zeros it is calibrated and ready for use. If you follow this plan of action, you will get an accurate weight…”