TD Ameritrade's no-commission ETF list to change

According to user reports on Bogleheads, the no-commission ETF list on TD Ameritrade will change in November. The new list is expected to be out on 10/17 and Vanguard ETFs are supposedly removed.

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List of ETFs.

A brief mapping of the new lineup for Bogleheads style investing.

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I’m assuming this is a bad thing?

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Yeah from the looks of it, none of these are really competitive.

Just choose any fund creator and see if their most popular offerings are on the list (They probably aren’t)

For example iShares!type=ishares&tab=overview&view=list

No IVV, no IWM, ITOT… fuggedaboutit.

I don’t think there’s even one Total Market / S&P500 index fund on their list

They have SPTM, a Russell3000 etf I never heard of, but I guess calls itself “Total Market”. Proabably liquid enough, but nothing like SPY, VTI, etc.

MUB, the main muni bond etf, was also on the list.

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Sucks for hsabank investors.

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I just got an email from TD Ameritrade that starting October 3, they won’t be charging commission fees on online ETF and equity trades. WTH took them so long??

This is in response to competition. Now the last major hold out is Fidelity. The following now all have $0 commissions

Interactive Brokers Lite, Schwab, TDA, Etrade.


Fidelity joined the $0 commission party: