Term life insurance - Are all A+ providers the same?

Assuming the term life insurance coverage is the same, is there any difference between the A+ providers or just pick the cheapest one since it’s the same coverage? Does it matter if I go with Prudential, Banner, Protective, Lincoln, AIG, or TIAA?

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No ti does not matter. You might be able to get a discount on your auto insurance by bundling, so I’d check with them if they are also rated A+…

My auto is with wawanesa and it doesn’t seem they offer level term.
For the same 30/yr term coverage TIAA is $50/yr more than Prudential. They’re both top tier, but TIAA has better ratings. Trying to decide if it’s worth going with TIAA as it’s also the last month they’re selling term insurance.

The last month they are selling it? Huh?

Anyway, I think Prudential is fine. I wouldn’t spend extra $$$ for TIAA.

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