Testing the New Discourse Bot

Installed a plugin today that will automatically create a second-post wiki when you make a new topic!


ADMIN: All hail the changelog–guardian against trolls and other miscreants! Responsebot is now working well!

umcsom: you can delete other users contributions. This might be an issue. I put old info in a quote below.
Griz: this was true even before it’s true of all wikis and is a core feature. The other core feature that works in tandem with that is the changlog that can be used to revert things if someone removes something that others feel is useful.

Z: And there’s changelog.
jaytrader: test edit
xerty: yup, works. Just hit the edit icon at post top right

Admin: Will have to find some way to change the dopey message the coder has the bot say automatically. But this is a nice start!

scripta: @thefdadmin and rename “responseBot” to “Wiki” so it looks better :slight_smile:

responseBot: @scripta How dare you recommend my name be changed!

This post will self-destruct in 3 2 1.

Trump 2024

Looking good!

Wow, I almost understand wiki stuff!

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Can we turn off the ability to edit first posts now?

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Yes. I’ve already disabled that feature for future topics. I’m thinking about replacing the existing second posts with wikis (and merging the 2nd and 3rd post into the 3rd post).

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Should Hot Deals have automatic, second-post Wikis?

  • Yes
  • No

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Is it possible for an admin to reorder posts? Seems like it would be easier to just make a new post and reorder them to position 2 than to merge posts.

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Unfortunately, no. That was my initial hope. Or I was hoping that I could insert a post.

Suggest you change the name of responsebot to QuickSummary just so users are more familiar with it being an editable wiki


You might also give the bot a picture that say “Wiki”, which might help people recognize it faster as well.