The 2022 Vidalia sweet onion crop is IN!

. . . . and it’s a bumper crop!

Only in America. These things taste really good. And right now they are on sale and cheap!!

Stock up while you can.

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Woo Hoo!!

Today I scored four and one half pounds of lucious, fresh, new crop Vidalia sweet onions paying only $1.28/pound.

OK, you want to know why I did not buy more? I still have in stock some of the winter sweet onions. They are very tasty but, of course, not as tasty as genuine Vidalia American onions.

However, upon reflection, I should have bought more Vidalias at that price. They store very, very well. And they look really, really good . . . every onion darn near perfect!!

Have you been able to buy Vidalias as yet? If so, did you beat me on price?

Now is the time to stock up. The price will be going up for certain.


Just as a matter of record, I did return to the store and buy still more Vidalia onions at that great price. Am very happy to have 'em.

Anything you’re able to purchase today . . . . well . . . . you should. Cause these days you don’t know what lies around the next corner.

Hoarding? Not exactly. I would characterize it more as keeping a rather heavy stock of items, which store well without drama, which you know for certain you will need eventually.

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