The 2024 election politics

you have to watch out for self-combustion for large coal piles actually, which was mentioned I think in the article or the comments

Some might say that’d be a rather accurate depiction of some communities.

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CNN out with another blow to Biden. It isn’t just about age…

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The only relevant question is whether Trump is even more unpopular than Biden.


From the CNN article

The chief rationale behind Biden’s bid for a second term is that he is the best positioned Democrat to beat Trump again. But unless political conditions change significantly in the coming months, that narrative may be in doubt.

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I dont know if there is an option (who isnt already established as a Democrat or Republican, which defeats the purpose), but isnt this the ideal scenario for an independent 3rd party candidate to have a legit chance of winning?

We are living in crazy times, but I think the probability is low. A third-party candidate could flip the election just as Ross Perot handed Clinton two victories and the Democrats blame Ralph Nader for giving the 2000 election to Bush.

The really scary scenario is if Trump goes third-party when he loses the Republican nomination.

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I am shocked I tell you. Notice that the leftist AP says with her husband, although in the videos she takes on all comers so to speak.

Shouldnt that be more of a selling point, than a scandal?

I gotta see it for myself. Where are these videos? :smile:

More people on the left want Biden to step aside…

Maybe the two could come to an agreement that neither will run, if the other doesnt? In their place, let Trump pick the Democrat nominee, and let Biden chose the Republican nominee.

Sure, let’s completely remove even the illusion of democracy :rofl:


What do you mean, exactly? Original WaPo article only mentions her husband. There’s a reference to “private rooms”, which I believe means the video is played privately to specific viewers, but it was all still with her husband.

I may need to study the situation in more detail.

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Ignatius is a leftist and speaks for his fellow leftists who are scared spitless that Biden will not bow out willingly. Then they will have to push him and Harris aside, which will lead to a lot of bad blood

Time is running out. In a month or so, this decision will be cast in stone. It will be too late for other Democrats, including Harris, to test themselves in primaries and see whether they have the stuff of presidential leadership. Right now, there’s no clear alternative to Biden — no screamingly obvious replacement waiting in the wings. That might be the decider for Biden, that there’s seemingly nobody else. But maybe he will trust in democracy to discover new leadership, “in the arena.”

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It’s tragic to see the bench of presidential-worthy candidates is too thin on both sides.

A partial government shut down looks almost certain. Here are the investment impacts according to Morgan Stanley.

  • A potential U.S. government shutdown may cause only modest losses in economic output, based on historical analysis.

  • Fixed-income volatility could increase, but given today’s high yields, U.S. government bonds remain attractive.

  • Equity investors may want to consider opportunities in the defense and healthcare sectors, which could rally during a shutdown.


The Democrat controlled Senate follies