The 2024 election politics

The election been going on for a while with both Biden andTrump as official candidates, so might as well start a new thread.

The left is melting down over the performance by President Trump in the CNN town Hall last night. Echoes of 2016

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Newsom is trying to keep his presidential ambitions alive by finessing the issue. Will it work?

Citing “reforms” already in place makes the Task Force look like the ultimate bait-and-switch. It makes black voters look like chumps given recent polling showing a massive shift in the Black community on the question: 77 percent of Black Americans now support reparations.

For years, Newsom and other Democratic politicians have campaigned on reparations and that bill has now come due. A card and an apology is not going to cut it.

Just last week, speakers demanded cash in large amounts. Rep. Barbara Lee (D., Cal.) declared that “Reparations are not a luxury, but a human right long overdue for millions of Americans. We are demanding that the government pay their tax.”

She was not talking about a heartfelt apology.

I dont understand what they expected? Most of those reactions seem to imply they believed that 5 minutes in, Trump was going to run off the stage in tears and withdraw from the race.

My reaction is that this entire exercise was designed to keep Trump as the Republican front-runner, knowing the left faces much better odds against him in 2024 than against any other potential Republican candidate.


Agree. Maybe not against any other, but certainly against DeSantis. The polls showing Trump way ahead of DeSantis are also disinformation by the left.

And is apparently not finished.

The task force went on with its trumped-up charges, demanding the apology include a “censure of the gravest barbarities carried out on behalf of the state by its representative officers, governing bodies, and the people,” noting a number of examples in a “non-exhaustive list.” On that contrived list was Reagan using the term “welfare queen,” which the task force called “racist coding to promote his philosophy preferring a limited government.”

The leftist media are trying to give some cover to Newsom and the Democrats when they don’t proceed with this insane idea.

The Legislature widely approved the creation of the task force at a time when state revenues neared historic highs. Now that the state is in the midst of an economic crisis, it’s unclear whether Democrats will support reparation payments that could ultimately cost more than twice the annual state budget, or when the task force’s recommendations could come up for a vote.

Moore said the recommendation to provide initial down payments to eligible descendants and follow-up payments later could help offset those immediate budgetary concerns.

She pointed out that Newsom recently acknowledged California’s role in slavery during a national interview.

“He’s been kind of quietly letting us do our work, which I respect but … I took that as a sign that he is essentially supportive of the work that we’ve been doing,” she said.

Any reparations or policies approved by lawmakers would require Newsom’s signature to become law.

might be hard to make reparations payments

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, Not likely, but shows how polls can be wildly wrong

Wait - Were not Newsom and Co. very recently bragging about surpluses?


It will be interesting to see how this affects donations to his soon to be launched presidential campaign

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That is mainly due to less RSU sale income tax revenue now that the tech stock bubble is slowing down. Note that California taxes capital gains as ordinary income.

In the current tax system, the state receives 50 % of its taxpayer dollars from 1% of the population. When the economy and stock market are doing well, the state will receive more in taxes, but when the economy is on the brink of a recession, the wealthy will pay less in taxes.


I really wish they’d finally start forcing the top 1% to pay their fair share of taxes…


CA budget

What was only recently a $98 billion surplus has quickly turned into at least a $23 billion deficit for Sacramento. That’s got progressives pushing to overturn rules that require some surplus revenues to go back to taxpayers during bountiful years. Only in California government can prosperity turn out to be such a mess.

Theoretically, California should still have plenty of funds to cushion it in a recession. But the interest groups’ capture of tax revenues has meant that a few budget areas have benefited disproportionately from rising revenues—and none more so than K–12 education and community colleges. Last year alone, due largely to the efforts of teachers’ unions, funding required for schools by Prop. 98 rose by $37.2 billion—a sum larger than the entire budget of more than 30 other states… The burden of such mandates is so heavy that once California hits its Gann spending limit, it must spend or return to taxpayers $1.60 for every extra dollar it collects in tax revenues.


Meanwhile, in Florida

In California gas stoves are being banned

Sales Tax Free Gas Stoves, and Energy Efficient Appliances

The bill creates a one-year sales tax exemption from July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024, on the retail sale of indoor gas ranges and stoves and certain energy efficient appliances including refrigerator/freezer units selling for $4,500 or less, and water heaters, washers or dryers selling for $1,500 or less.

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Wow! A cap on the price of a tax free benefit. It seems that, at least in this case, Republicans are looking our for the working man instead of the fat-cat, 10% kickbackers to the big guy.

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Biden and Milley’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has done incalculable harm to the United States

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Anyone wanna place odds on this being the result of some internal meddling?

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Possibly a denial of service attack by botnets?

But the Twitter team should’ve been expecting this and taken measures to stop it.

Regardless of the embarrassment, no one who is not already against DeSantis is holding it against him. The news is he raised over $1 million in small dollar contributions in a few hours after the announcement.

Not necessarily meddling against DeSantis. I was thinking more that there are still members of that team perfectly willing to allow it as a means of discrediting Musk. With wrapping in the Republicans only being a 2-for-1 bonus.

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Ah c’mon. Just say it. All the Duemocrats are dying to say it, but are awaiting word from on feeblevette (or pmsnbc) high - RUSSIAN botnets. :rofl: :joy: :exploding_head: :fearful: :cowboy_hat_face:

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