The Official Collection Thread! What Do YOU Collect?

Let’s start a thread on collecting things. I find it to be generally silly, but on occasion I’ve reaped some financial rewards selling collectable things after a period of time. I also find some value in nostalgia.

I have a few guidelines for collecting things that I try to stick to:

  • Minimum number and minimum volume of things. I don’t want an entire room of my house filled with Star Trek memorabilia. I would prefer to have a handful of very nice, curated pieces.

  • Realize that whatever you get will never be enough. Humans are built to be insatiable by design. It will never be enough. If you love art and somehow get an original Picasso (and assume he’s your favorite artist), you still won’t be happy. You’ll want two Picassos. This is important to realize or you will spend all of your disposable income chasing something you will never realize (a “perfect” collection). Even if you’re collecting something where it’s possible to have one of each within modest economic means (such as one of each video game console from the NES to present), then you still won’t be done. You’ll want a backup of each console in case one breaks. Then you’ll want backups of each controller. etc. It never ends.

  • Storing original containers when possible. In general, if I want to keep something forever, I don’t personally value the box or original packaging because I want to touch the thing I am collecting and display it on a shelf. However, I’ve sold things after many years and it’s harder to get full value for things without original packaging.

  • Look for collectables that come without packaging. Since I don’t don’t value packaging, I can get better deals on collectibles that come opened and lightly used. This also saves me the stress of storing the original packaging because per point two, I feel bad if I throw it away.

  • Keep only things that bring you joy. After many years I sometimes I realize the collectables no longer bring me joy and I sell them.

  • Consider collectables that are free or cheap. Badges from conventions you attend that are meaningful to you. Ticket stubs to sporting events or movies. A hand-written letter from a loved one.

  • Consider what happens to your collection of stuff after you die. We’ve all seen adult children going through their dead parents’ possessions and thinking it’s mostly crap and throwing it all out. In many cases, they are right. But maybe there was something of value. I maintain logs of my collectables in an inventory format with market values and a list of the best places to sell them. So that when I die, my heirs will know exactly what to do with certain things. Many of my collectables look like they could either be cheap crap or moderately nice functional pieces, but are actually rare and expensive.

I’m curious to hear what specific things people collect and how you go about with your collections.


I collect expensive hobbies (watches, cars, knives, used to do coins but not anymore, guns). Thankfully my wife isn’t one of them. The jury’s out on my daughter. She is only 10 months but already loves shoes. I wouldn’t say i have huge collections of anything. And my collections cycle through hoarder status to minimal. For instance, at one point i owned eight Breitlings. Now only one. But eight is still modest compared to some folks.

@TripleB what do you collect? You gave your criteria, which is substantial, so I assume you’ve got a few collections going?

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I collect financial accounts. Pretty sure I’d be better off consolidating rather than having the sprawl that plagues me.


LOL, I know how you feel. I closed the first one in a long time last week. Small steps towards more simplicity and less optimization perhaps.


Nothing else gives a better ROI, is cheaper to collect, and brings as much joy.

Fig varieties.

If you want to play in the new ultra rares, you can make some money in it. I’m only in it for the fun so I collect varieties which are more obtainable.

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I have been guilty of the same thing and I have slowed down because it’s become a bit of intellectual masturbation. At some point, there’s diminishing marginal return to read the 100th book on business or 100th book on any topic. Sometimes it’s better just to watch a movie.

@TripleB, I’m glad that you started this thread–thanks.

My collection isn’t exactly along the lines of what you’ve written about, but it’s a collection all the same. I collect records; that is, vinyl LPs (33 RPM albums) and other 7", 10" and 12" records. Nearly all of it is rock, R&B, pop and jazz. While it isn’t what I’d call a serious hobby, I do have some valuable ones in my collection.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole business of collecting them, so that’s been valuable to me over the course of 40 years or so. Some of them I bought when they were new, others are still sealed, and most of them I bought used (but in very good condition or better). Most of them are in mint condition.

When I retire, I will make a serious point of taking the time (that I don’t have now) to listen to most of them on a very good turntable, a bunch at a time. After each bunch, I see selling them online for a decent, non-fire sale price. [I can’t imagine that DW or other heirs will want to deal with a major pile of black wax, so I will do what I can not to burden them.]

If I find it that it isn’t worthwhile to sell them through eBay, FB groups and the like (grading, shipping, handling, etc.), then I will sell them off in one or more lots to volume buyers.

I’m interested in hearing from other record collectors (via this thread or PM) as to what, how and why they collect, how they buy/sell/trade, etc.

Just started collecting miniature paintings, preferable from 1800’s or earlier. But I’m cheap so won’t spend above $150 for any. I was ticked at myself because I was trying to snipe an eBay auction a few weeks ago and was bidding $150 for item at $105 that we really wanted but I was 1 second late and bid never got in.

Going to Buenos Aires in a few weeks for family wedding but I’m also excited as there is a guy that sells quite a bit on eBay and I want to go visit his store to see what I can get :slight_smile:

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I collected old VGCs and MCGCs. Thousands of them. :slight_smile: