The Official Single Thread

To complement the The Official Marriage Thread, let’s discuss the financial benefits of being single:

  1. Can occasionally get your date to pay half of the meal/movies/etc. Not recommended for a first date, but after 3+ dates, it’s reasonable. Whereas if you’re married, you’re paying for every date, all of the time.

  2. Can live in a cheaper apartment rather than a single family home.

  3. Can live closer to your job, giving you a shorter commute, rather than where your spouse wants to live or considering spouse’s commute time.

  4. Removes geographical restrictions for employment. If you’re married, you have to consider your spouse’s job. If you’re single, you’re free to move to North Dakota to triple your salary at an oil fracking company.

  5. Opens access to dating more people once you remove the financial responsibility aspect. If your plan is to get married, then you have to find a spouse that has all the qualities you like and is also financially responsible. Not easy. If you never plan to marry, you can date people that have all positive traits you enjoy but are financially reckless, and it’s okay.

  6. You retain the option to sell your marriage to a foreigner for citizenship purposes. IANAL, check your local laws before doing this.

  7. You retain the option to temporarily marry a friend for access to various benefits. Imagine a group of 10 men and 10 women, all friends. Each has different access to health insurance, SS benefits, citizenships, etc. If you could each marry and unmarry at different points in your life to access benefits, you could maximize them. Excess capacity meets need. Uber meets Marriage. Examples:

  • John gets Cancer and Mary’s health insurance has better access to Cancer treatment. John can temporarily marry Mary.

  • Richard is going to die. He can marry Jane to give her access to SS survivor benefits.

  • Juliet accidentally her roommate and needs help burying the body. She calls Mark to assist. They marry, invoking spousal privilege so that Mark cannot be compelled to testify against Juliet in court.



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Being married isn’t mutually exclusive from dating. The vast majority of the women I sleep with are not marriage material, but my wife is.


When you’re single, you go to far fewer weddings and therefore spend a lot less on wedding gifts.


Never having to potentially give away half your $hit.



[quote=“SpeedingLunatic, post:3, topic:1145, full:true”]
Being married isn’t mutually exclusive from dating. The vast majority of the women I sleep with are not marriage material, but my wife is.[/quote]

That sounds like a potentially great OT thread in itself. I’m 100% serious, assuming you are also. :slight_smile:


You need a verb in here somewhere… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, that’s on TripleB from the OP. I assume it’s supposed to be killed. But maybe I shouldn’t assume. :laughing:

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Sorry, new software to me, I accidentally quoted you, instead of 3B.

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No problem. We’re all figuring it out as we go along.

More concerning is that TripleB hasn’t filled in the correct word. :thinking:


Even big employers will suffer materially from high medical costs. My friend’s insurance premiums spiked over 30% last year due to a handful of high-cost patients. If it kept up, layoffs would follow.

I have to disagree with this one, because the cost of a single unit (be it an apartment, condo, or SFH) is usually cheaper than the cost of two units, even if those two units are each cheaper and smaller. The decision to move from two cheap apartments into a single expensive home isn’t necessary for marriage, as a couple could just get a bigger apartment or a cheap home.

I just assumed that someone made a suicide pact with a roommate and then pretended to have poisoned herself (Juliet’ed). The roommate then actually poisoned self (Romeo’d) and is now fouling up the apartment.


i don’t know, i think i’m too selfish to marry. i’m all about career, the game. once in a while i’ll hang out with a hooker and get it out of my system.

i might become mr. heckles.

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I’ll bet on Mr. Mercedes. :slight_smile:

I thought the same thing. Around here, 1br apartments are not half as cheap, or even much cheaper at all, relative to 2br units.

One major drawback for single men - the tremendous amounts of money spent on lotion and kleenex - unless you get a deal on them.


Eat whatever and whenever i want to; sleep as late as i want to. Come and go as i please, AND don’t have to share anything!!

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That’s also true of some married man :slight_smile: