Think about using your old FWF picture

I’ll say first off that I am breaking my own request by using a new user name here at FD. But I was a minor character over there and I doubt anyone would remember me anyways.

But if you haven’t decided on a new profile picture, think about using your old one from FWF, at least for a short period. Some people have very visual memories and seeing old images helps remember who is who. I know I fall into that group and I’d imagine there are some others as well.


Totally agree!

You can find the place to upload it in settings - click on your icon in the top right corner and then the gear beneath it.

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Especially since discourse seems to prefer to identify users by their avatars instead of their usernames unless inside a thread. It makes this forum much easier to use if everyone has a (semi) unique avatar.

I claim hippi(sic). have the grateful dead tattoos to prove it.

agreed :slight_smile:

Way ahead of you :smirk:

Back from the dead … FW lives on

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same, was basically nonexistent at fw. but this is the user name and avatar i use everywhere

Your real picture and your real blog that links to your real PayPal that can be used to find your real facebook? Smart, really smart.

they’re all beater accounts. all my money is in china, or unlisted

Sure it is.

yeah… busted :wink:

if we’re still friends and happen to go to monaco some day, i’ll buy you a beer