Tmo s21 trade in upgrade offer

A little late (presumably ends on 1/28… at least the $100 samsung credit), but TMobile trade in preorder for s21s is a pretty great deal.

– no new line required, seems to be compatible with all plans
– 800 credit (s21 base cost) for lots of phones, down to s9 series, the difference from trade in value and $800 is applied in 24 monthly credits.
– 50% off galaxy buds on eip same transaction (or same day?)
– $100 samsung credit (150/200 for plus/ultra)

Some Wal-Marts still have stock of straight talk galaxy s9 at $124. Just picked up two myself.


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'Scuse me… What? When? Where?

Ymmv on clearance prices/stock and on actually looking/letting you buy when you show up.
When I purchased this morning, they didn’t find them in the drawers on the floor, went to back stockroom and found them.


Nice, thanks. One store around me says it has 3-4 (so 50/50 shot that they’ll have any I presume). Any idea what it requires to unlock it from straight talk? I don’t think I’ll do the t-mobile deal since I have the cheapest sprint plan ever and don’t want to lose it.

EDIT: looks like it won’t work on sprint. sprint has a nice S21 preorder deal too where the S9 is eligible for the $800 trade in, but it says only on eligible plans and I think my plan is too cheap to allow for this upgrade.

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Possibly just removing the straight talk sim before powering it on the first time. I might try that later on one of the two I have NIB.

Its good on basically all tmobile plans so it’s probably valid on yours, unless it’s that free plan if it’s still around. I’m not familiar with the sprint offerings though, and their partial system merger progress. I can almost guarantee my plan is cheaper (:P)

Probably better. Inventory should be accurate, these are locked up. Whether they find them (or let you buy it if they find them) is maybe a different question.

When I plug my number into the t-mobile site, it redirects me to Sprint. If I chose to upgrade my phone on their site, it doesn’t allow me an option to trade in my phone to get the S21 any cheaper. It does allow it with my wife’s phone on my plan, but then at the end says that the plan would have to change to do the upgrade. So I think I’m out of luck.

My bill last month was exactly $25.11 for two lines of unlimited talk, txt, & 4G data (they claim they throttle 4G video to SD quality but I’ve never experienced that). I had a $20 kickstart plan and then added my wife when they opened up the free extra line deal to folks on kickstart. Not sure what will change when the merger is 100% complete. But I’m not going to rock the boat and will hope the kickstart folks are just left alone.


Probably can’t trade thru sprint then. There is trade in for unlocked. But lower trade in value for the s9. (Some tricks to stack discounts, but still ~$250 to trade from s9 to s21… which is still a pretty crazy deal for a three generation upgrade).

Decent bill, Kickstart was a crazy offering. Lower per line here, but more lines than we use XD. 3 unused lines out of 9. (They’re was a negative monthly cost to add those three lines…)

I’d suspect at some point they will hopefully at least offer a 20% modified hookup for those sprint plans if they kick you off of them.