Tracking Stocks

I am curious how folks track their securities, in general, but specifically stocks. I have some with various brokers for different reasons. Their apps aren’t very great. I used to use Google Finance as they published the dividend payout history… but that seems to be gone. Some of the apps hide the number of shares that you hold and make it next to impossible to find. I really don’t want to use something like Mint that signs into my accounts.

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Google Sheets has a GOOGLEFINANCE function, so you can build a spreadsheet to show current prices, volume, etc. Don’t think it has dividend payout history. I built mine to look like the old detailed view on yahoo finance.

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Yahoo Finance. Not as good as Google was but similar.

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Yeah, what I am looking for is it to show the Ex-Dividend Date in the graph. It isn’t showing that in Yahoo Finance, either, but it does list the last Ex-Dividend Date. I like being able to see all of the previous ones as I expand the date range and even click on each one to get the specific information.

How many stocks are you tracking? If very few, you could just setup charts in excel and manually type in the ex-dividend date, although understandably not ideal.

Are you willing to pay? I think Morningstar may be something worth looking at if so.

You can track stocks generally, in real time live but obviously only when the market is open, here:

See the DJIA live, here

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