Travel Agencies and booking good trips


My wife and I are planning a weeklong trip to arizona, we kinda know we wanna go to the grand canyon and sedona, but we’re not really sure about anything else, I’ve heard that people have used travel agencies to book the activities portion of the trip, has anyone had any luck with that? or experience with an agency they recommend?


ETA: we’re also open to general suggestions about things to do in the area, even if you don’t have info about a travel agency :slight_smile:


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Nowadays, people just consult a guidebook or online equivalent. Only reason to outsource it would be if your time is ridiculously valuable.

Probably have one in a few clicks electronically if you have access to a decent size public library.

Flyertalk is also a pretty good resource, in the country/region section.

Just do a google search for things to do in the area you’re visiting and book them yourself online. Sometimes travel agencies can give you package discounts on activities but you also pay for their services so you’d have to really research to compare prices if you’re actually getting a good deal. Not so different I imagine than getting off an airplane in a touristy area and being swarmed with predatory travel agencies trying to rope you in to their travel packages. Maybe you are getting a decent deal because they are filling open spots at a deep discount last minute but I’d much rather plan ahead and schedule my own itinerary. If you don’t want to do it yourself, sure, pay a travel agency to do it for you ahead of time but it’s usually really easy to look up a top 10 to do list and read reviews and book the activity yourself. If it’s not a pre-ticketed tour or activity and you’re just driving yourself, even easier.

There are exceptions like booking cruises where you have to book through an agent.