TurboTax maker Intuit near deal to buy Credit Karma for $7 billion, WSJ reports


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Not surprised. CK was bound to be gobbled up by a larger company, the data they possess on their users made them a prime target for acquisition.


I guess Intuit was starting to lose quit a bit of business to CK free tax filling service so I’m not surprised. I hope they don’t kill what’s made CK so useful.


Deal confirmed.

I loath Intuit, bummer, I hope I won’t have to quit CK. I still run Quicken 2016 in offline mode which isn’t easy since one has to search for 5 separate patches online to get it working on my new Win10 PC.


i agree. mint integration w/ TT is still poor

Presumably the purpose is to kill CK’s excellent free tax offering.


At first glance, that’s what I thought. However, I’m not sure how well Intuit leverages the data that they already have.

The email address that they have for me gets spam, at most, three times a year. As much as I hate to give them credit for anything, that’s one thing they do right … as a consumer, but maybe not if you’re an investor.

well CreditKarma tax has gone down hill. No bank/broker integration (the part I miss the most) . Also the interface is worse. I hope I’m not missing any deductions/credits I will switch back to TT or HR next year and pay for state filing :frowning:

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Go with FreeTaxUSA. I was really happy with them the last couple of years.

They do charge for state filing (I’m in WA so that’s not an issue), but at least they are not the conglomerate that Intuit is.

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thx Does FreeTaxUSA allow you to print state for free?

how’re their import abilities, scans etc? remember banks etc from year to year?

FreeTaxUSA is the way to go. I’ve used it for the past few years to file my sons taxes.
The IRS tax is free, but the State tax is $12.95. You can’t do any better!

The first year I actually couldn’t believe the price would really be free until I finished. So I didn’t mind $12.95 for the State. Guaranteed good deal.


I don’t think they do imports but that has not been an issue for me. Been using them for 3 years now.

Remembering banks and other info year to year is included and works well.

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FTC suing Intuit, the now owner of Credit Karma, for deceptive “pre approved” credit offers where they actually denied some 1/3 of “approved” applicants.


I’m not familiar with Intuit’s offers, but if the person’s credit profile meets Intuit’s criteria for approval, and then the applicant provides different info on their application, I’m not sure the feds have a case.

After the new, federal “credit lock” law passed, I’ve started receiving new bank offers. It’s amazing how much they’ve changed since I last saw them in the early 90’s. Now, instead of saying I’m pre-approved, they say I’m pre-approved to apply. Big Whoop!

I am stunned by the money spent on some of the stationery - particularly CapOne and Amex.

And yes, I’ve opted out of pre-approved offers, at least 4 times.

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