Turning on email

When I initially tried to join FD, I never received a confirming email, and thus could never sign in. I tried:

  1. Multiple attempts to re-send the confirmation email.
  2. Changing email addresses
  3. Attempting to re-send the confirmation e-mail from various IP addresses, both local and international.
  4. The only one that sort of worked - getting a throw-away email address.

The reason that it “sort of” worked is that it allowed me to receive the confirmation email and act on it. That allowed me to sign in. I then attempted to change the email address listed in my preferences to my real address. Apparently that requires a confirm email as well, and I am not receiving them. The address then reverts to the thrown away address that I used for signing up.

Suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

Seeing how much trouble you went through you probably already did this, but I gotta ask: you checked spam, right?

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Can you contact the admins here and ask them to go into your account and change your email address?

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Thanks for the suggestion, but yes I double checked it a couple of times, because I did not know how fast the FD server would send out the confirmation email.

That will be my next step, and I hope I’m just thankful that my problem isn’t as complex and persistent as yours on the other site. :slight_smile:

I wanted to check here first, as I figure they’ve got a whole going on. In fact, my main reason for mentioning it is that it may be happening to other potential users.