Uber CC 4% dining, 3% air/hotel - Barclaycard

no-fee card offers a bonus of $100 after spending $500 on purchases within the first 90 days, and has other perks

4 percent back on restaurants, take-out and bar purchases;
3 percent back on airfare, hotels and Airbnb or other short-stay rentals;
2 percent back on online purchases; and
1 percent back on everything else.

$50 credit for online subscriptions (after spending $5,000 on the card per-year),
phone insurance of up to $600 if someone uses the card to pay their monthly phone bill;



Thanks for posting. 4% is not bad on dining if one has major dining expenses, but otherwise a rather uninteresting card.

Specifically, Amex MR earning cards are better for Uber imo, 2x MR points vs 2% on this card. I think for vast majority of us, there are better Barclays cards to chose from.

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Yeah, Barclay is a problem. Otherwise it’s a good Forward replacement.

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Goodbye Capital One Savor :joy:
Hello Uber Card

Note the wording does mention Uber credits several times, but you can get a statement credit as well which most of us would prefer.

No FT fees too, gonna be super useful when travelling out in SEA, Uber is so convienet when it’s $1~$2 per ride thanks to exchange rates and cost of living out there.

I had been looking at the Chase AARP card recently for restaurants and occasional travel.
This looks better, especially the phone insurance (assuming no deductible??).

For air tickets, there’s a 5% points card Penfed Premium Travel Rewards Amex, with no annual fee.


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What’s interesting is how there are 4 category tiers instead of 3. Is this the start of a new trend?

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I wonder if we can product change into this once it appears. I’d rather PC and skip the bonus if it means dodging a hard pull.

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$25 deductible for the phone.


Once all other available insurance has been utilized, Cellular Telephone Protection will provide coverage up to six hundred ($600) dollars per claim after the twenty-five ($25.00) dollar deductible, with a maximum of two (2) claims and twelve-hundred ($1,200.00) dollars per twelve (12) month period. You will receive no more than the suggested retail value of the replacement cell phone, up to the program maximum, less the twenty-five ($25) dollar deductible.

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No AF, no FX, yes chip+PIN!

As long as points are redeemable for cash/credit at the stated value, looks like a winner for restaurants and for traveling to places that use chip+PIN.

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If for travelling, it’s missing contactless EMV.

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Can you explain? I haven’t been to Europe in 2 years, but my chip cards worked everywhere then. Has something changed over there since?

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It’s far more convenient to tap rather than insert. And many times that gives you signature waiver as well. So no signature dance.

In London you’d use that to pay for the subway directly.

Also catching on in Asia.


Applications are open :wink:

The 2% online reward includes Uber. I wonder if it includes Lyft and other services.

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