UFO cover up continues at Pentagon - Congress all but ignored

This is the quintessential “Fox and Henhouse” situation. The evidence is overwhelming but the Pentagon is not about to alter its longstanding course, Congress be damned.

My opinion:

Sure there have been “visitors” over the years, both before and since Roswell. We have a nice planet here, but it is small and mostly water. Probably more important, our solar system is WAY OFF the galactic “beaten track”. So we probably are not viewed from outside as worthy of serious attention or exploitation. Natch some freak show aficionados and primitive life curiosity seekers show up here from time to time from far, far away Most probably leave with the thought we were not worth the trip.

Intergalactic visitors? Hey, anything is possible. But I have really serious doubts on that one.

Bottom line I agree with some in Congress that the Pentagon is covering up. That should come as a shock to nobody.

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If they know what a UFO was/is, then the Pentagon is telling the truth to say there are no UFOs. Because once the Pentagon has identified it, it is no longer unknown.

Maybe we should be asking them about IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) instead. Although once they’ve landed, they’re also no longer a flying object…

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Oh my! If all they do is hold hearings, I will nominate them as the least harmful hearings ever, and request that the hearings never end … as long as they don’t commission studies, research, or any other spending.

Well, we all know the only reason Congress wants to hold hearings is so they can make sure that, if there have been verified UFOs, they’re given enough welfare benefits and a ballot so they can vote Democrat. Even the border that is the Earth’s atmosphere must remain free and open for all.


The hearings will kick off in less than two hours, at 9:00 AM ET.

Big question is the extent to which the Pentagon will stonewall. This is a bipartisan matter so Congress vs. the Pentagon not Republican vs. Democrat.

There are currently 144 UFO incidents not well explained. Can the Pentagon stonewall its way through all 144? Stay tuned to CSPAN and find out. :wink:

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I suspected this was coming, and I suspect some of the still unidentified encounters were just tests of this new platform:

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As I posted up thread, this is intragalactic stuff, NOT intergalactic.

I agree it is beyond stupid for us to endeavour to contact other civilizations within the Milky Way, on the assumption of safety.

The Wow! Signal

In 1977, the Big Ear telescope at Ohio State University received a powerful burst of radio waves that lasted a minute and 12 seconds. The signal contained an alphanumeric code which was a surprise for the astronomers studying it, and it was dubbed the WoW signal.

What is Your Opinion?

  • Let 'er rip!! Send signals into space with abandon. There is no significant risk to earth by so doing.
  • Use maximal discretion in sending powerful signals into space. Entities out there do not come with a guarantee of friendliness.

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I didn’t vote because I don’t think we should send signals into space. In fact, I thought one of the reasons shortwave and DXing work is because radio signals bounce off of part of the atmosphere.

Let’s just send Mulder and Scully to the desert with ear trumpets to listen for aliens … not the illegal kind.