Unclaimed Property - free money in the sofa

I’d highly advise anyone now or previously active in any sort of bank bonuses or churning of closed or open loop gift cards to periodically check their state’s unclaimed property website.

It’s so easy to forget about a small account or GC, and they eventually end up there if the bank doesn’t intentionally drain it with inactivity fees.

I found a couple hundred bucks of little stuff just recently.

A relative found some shares of Disney stock from an employee ESPP, from the early 90s. It amounted to a several thousand dollar windfall.


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Your favorite relative. :grin:

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A while back I found a bunch of pennies from non-fully-drained AEGCs… then I found out that I’d have to mail a separate claim for each one. It’ll cost me more in postage. But removing the associated information (like previous addresses) from the entirely open and public state’s unclaimed property database is a good idea for privacy.

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