Unison - Home investor

Has anyone had any experience with Unison? : https://www.unison.com/blog/kb/unisons-business-model/

Seems like they make an investment in your home project/down payment on the prospect of a future value increase… Seems like risky business model.

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Everyone knows real estate always goes up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We had some posts for something like this on FWF before (don’t recall if it was the same company). With the prior thread, basically they only took low risk area or low LTV loan portions. And they charged really high amounts for doing so if you went through the math.

The example here https://www.unison.com/blog/kb/unison-homeowner-numbers/ shows 10% from Unison giving them 40% of appreciation. And they pay 0% of the upkeep or property taxes.


I looked into how their rates work out and they are pretty terrible (as should probably be expected).

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