Used 2016 Model S vs new Model 3

Anyone here have a Tesla?

Price is the same, but features are different. It was an easy choice before Tesla dropped the price on a new Model 3.

Used 2016 Model S comes with free power, but it’s relatively cheap to “fill up” compared to gas.

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I’d rather have the Model S with the Ludicrous mode. The Model 3 looks too cartoonish to me. Plus, with a 2016, the majority of depreciation is behind you.

I agree with the MS looking better, but with the recent price drop M3 is $31+K w/ tax credit is hard to pass up. Tech is much better with HW 3.0 AP

I’m looking at the decision from a financial/ tech perspective, I think the trade in value in 3 yrs will not depreciate as much as a $40K+ Model S that will be close to EOL tech by then

CPO Model S has free charging though, it’s not worth a lot depending on drive.

This thread reminds me of one of my favorite old threads.

I am still bummed that guy disappeared right when he was supposed to actually get his Tesla. I wonder what happened. Was he even real?


The price has dropped tremendously since last year on both CPO model s and new model 3

Prices on used cars drop as they get older.
Did the price on the new model 3 actually drop, or is it that Tesla is finally building the base model that they promised several years ago?

both. You can a lot more for $35K (partial premium interior etc)

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But you can’t get a model 3 for $35k, at least not currently. It’s not even clear they make money selling them at $40k.

It is 100% clear that they are NOT making money selling them at $40k.

I’m confused. The $35k model is officially gone now? I thought they just stopped internet sales of it?

Just internet sales gone… I actually think it’s a better deal then standard range plus because of software locks that protect the battery

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IIRC, he was too busy discussing the firm offers he had to take Tesla private. Then the SEC got on him about his twitter comments, so he abandoned a lot of his fake bulletin board accounts.


I have a 2015 85D. Great car that is well out of warranty (117k miles now), so I’m getting the hang of fixing stuff on it myself.

If the model 3 was available at the time, i probably would have gone with that. The MS is much larger of a vehicle than I need.

If you aren’t very comfortable with computers and don’t like spending thousands of $ for simple repairs, I wouldn’t recommend owning one out of warranty. Example: The last repair i did (radiator replacement) involved gaining root access to the CID (which runs Linux) so that I could unlock the diagnostic port and run the coolant air purge routine. Tesla does not have good turnaround on parts orders either. 3 weeks to get a radiator from the service center.

That said, I love how it drives and can’t imagine driving anything else. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

As far as supercharging being free/not free. This tends to be way overvalued in my opinion. The vast majority of charging happens at home unless you drive 200+ miles on a daily basis. If you can’t charge it at home, i don’t recommend a BEV at all. Starting every day with a 90% charge is the biggest advantage vs gasoline powered cars. I charge away from home maybe 2-3 times per year.

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I’m tech savvy but not handy with repairs… Agree about the warranty. So I’m only considering 4yr warranty CPO. They have great deals sometimes compared to dealers.

I actually want the larger size, but I do like M3 nimbleness/ tech.

But, it will never compare with a ///


I love the concept of having a Tesla, but I would be very concerned about the longevity of the company and their build quality. While I’m fascinated by the model, it’s a poorly run operation. There’s been numerous posts on the build quality of Model 3’s and S’s.


Poorly run company
product is actually very Superior tech and design.

I wouldn’t pay sticker price but at 31k there’s very little competition for an ev

IDK. The interior never struck me as luxury. It felt more like a Hyundai’s version of luxury. It doesn’t compete with higher end luxury brands, when it claims to (BMW full leather, Audi, Cadillac, Benz, etc.). Too plasticy.