Using AMEX Airline Fee Credits 2017

Has anyone figured out a good way to use the airline fee credits this year since MPX is no longer an option? Not super clear at FT and I’ve got two cards worth to use.

Yes. Pm me if you’re interested.


I no longer have a platinum AMEX but I had one last year and buying gift cards from Southwest worked. I think they had to be $100 or less. And I think the travel reimbursement was $200 per calendar year. I had the card open for exactly one year, and paid the $450 fee. I got two calendars years worth of fee credits in the form of $400 worth of SW gift cards and also TSA Precheck paid for.

I got 100k MR points which I cashed out for crap, because I hate all of the MR transfer partners and already had 5 years worth of airline points with my preferred airline.

The $450 fee was a business deduction so it was around $200 out of pocket. All-in-all, not a bad deal.


I have two platinum cards that I would not otherwise have if they didn’t waive the annual fee for military members.

Correct, it is $200 per calendar year… it was awesome getting $800 in Amazon e-gift cards at Dec 31st 2015/Jan 1st 2016. One card is the Mercedes-Benz card, which gives you a $100 gift certificate at the dealership store. The best is the $99 camp chair if you can find it… :slight_smile:

How are you converting the travel fees into Amazon e-gift cards?

Is was through the United MPX app, but that ended last December. And I mis-typed, I meant I did that the year prior.

I sent you both PMs.

I sent you a PM too. Thanks.

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