Vanguard Voyager/Flagship services

Please share any experience you have with using the consultation services offered to Voyager Select and Flagship clients. Is it worth the time? Did they give helpful advice? Did you come with specific questions, or more for a general checkup? I generally prefer to steer my own ship, so to speak, but unbiased expert advice can be helpful. My personal strategy is pretty close to the Lazy Portfolio.

My wife is a worrywart, and despite black and white numbers, really wanted to listen to their comments. If I didn’t know the guy was human, I would have thought he was a robo-advisor. We did this about 15 years ago with Fidelity, but at least he had a personality. If you know what the Lazy Portfolio is, save your time.

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I personally wouldn’t heed the advice of a consultation service even if I had a flagship service provided. I wouldn’t trust anyone with an agenda for marketing products to give me genuine advice. Besides, when it comes to stocks and investing, there are 1,000 different opinions and they’re all going to beat the market :wink:

Get your advice on Bogleheads or somewhere more genuine where there is no marketing play.