Virgin Mobile $1/month for 6 months (iPhone users)

Currently Virgin Mobile is offering Unlimited Talk/Text/Data $1/month for 6 months.

In addition, they are offering previous iPhones pretty heavily discounted. After 6 months, the price goes up to $50/month. Still reasonable. You can cancel any time. This is prepaid so no taxes or other fees.

iPhone 6 starting at $199
iPhone SE starting at $159
iPhone 6s starting at $349
iPhone 7 starting at $449
iPhone 7 Plus starting $569
iPhone 8 starting $699
iPhone 8 Plus starting $799

if you have an iPhone 6 or better (SE is better), then you can switch over for just $1 per month. Unlimited Talk Text and Data.

What else? You become part of the Inner Circle. This probably doesn’t appeal to many, but it does have some perks if you travel. Also, you get a free companion flight.

Not as good as their previous $1/year promotion, but still pretty good and it seems that deal is over now.

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They will probably have 12 months for $1 again during Black Friday. I would wait.

I believe you can still get the 1 year unlimited free everything on Sprint if you switch by the end of the day on 9/30.

The phone prices here themselves are also a hot deal.

If you’ve been on Sprint recently (for those of us who are on the 1 year of free Sprint service), I was notified that I was ineligible. Can anyone else confirm?

I signed up for this at the end of August for 1 year for $1. It is a great deal and I recommend it to anyone who can get it. I switched from Tello to VM. Has anyone had any luck with Citi price rewind with cell phones? I bought an iphone 6 from Virgin and now the price has dropped, but I’m not sure if they would honor it bc it is a cell phone and they might say it comes with a package or something. You could always transfer your number to another carrier besides Sprint, and then you would be eligible.

I just got T-mobile iPhone 8 about 2 days ago (traded in iPhone 6 to get $300 promo). A11 Bionic chip is so fast. Makes my iPhone8 feel slow and outdated. Camera is much better than iPhone 6 too.

But for $199, iPhone 6 price is great. If they bring back 12 months for $1 and sell iPhone for $199, I may get it for extra line.