Wahl Color Pro Cordless on closeout at Walmart.com for seventeen bucks

This deal is live now. Note:

A seventeen dollar sale is not enough to garner you free shipping at Walmart.com. Buy this solo and you’re gonna pay shipping. Also, this closeout is not available at any of the Walmart brick & mortar stores I have checked.

This item does receive some nice reviews and has been a #1 best seller in the past. There is a decent chance it will do your job.

Link to deal

You get the whole magilla, the entire kit, for one money. Includes the cordless clipper, charger, couple of combs, oil, scissors, guard, instructions, and so forth.


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Cheap! Looks like Amazon price matched.

Bought it for $32 last year. Works great, though it’s my first so nothing to compare to. Was concerned with the built-in battery because everything with a built-in battery ends up in the landfill too soon, but this one is supposed to work while plugged in (and it does, but who knows if it’ll keep working from the wall when the battery is completely dead).

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The corded version of this was my first set of hair clippers.

It did a fine job, particularly for the price. After upgrading to the Oster Classic 76 though, you can tell the difference between this model and the more expensive one. The Wahl tugged at my hair a bit while the Classic 76 cuts it like butter.

The 76 is built like a tank and has been great the past six years. The Wahl is great though if you just want to get your feet wet and see if you can get away with cutting your own hair.