Walmart begins celebrating Black Friday more than a month early!

I liked it MUCH better when Black Friday was celebrated on Black Friday. But nobody cares what I think. Hence:

Title says it all. Walmart has already begun the discounting:


Link to detailed Chromebook specifications

And if that Samsung is too rich for you, here is a link to an even less expensive Lenovo refurb. And this one actually has an HDMI port!

Cheep! Cheep! Link to Lenovo refurb WITH HDMI port

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OK, so you want more Walmart deals like in the OP? I do not have any at this time. However:

The following deals will be available on Wednesday, Nov. 3 through Nov. 7:

The following deals will be available on Wednesday, Nov. 10 through Nov. 14:

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Just sort of thinking out loud here and I could be wrong.

But I have bought more expensive items at which not too long thereafter experienced a drop in price. I telephoned and requested a price adjustment to the lowered price. There has never been a problem. They just credited my card.

So in this instance, if you buy now, why could you not give them a call the day the sale commences and request an adjustment? I think that might work.

I thought that one was a typo. But nope the $20 savings is actually featured in their Black Friday ad.