WD Red NAS 4TB HD for $80.99 with FS

I use these for archival storage. They are also good for a small NAS box. This drive rotates at only 5400 RPM. Be aware this is a specialty HD not appropriate for many purposes. Warranty is not at a SCSI level. But the three years you get is better than one year.

I saw this deal first on SD at $85 with a coupon. That is a good price. You can do better as follows:

Visit WD store, here

Next sign up for a new account.

Now click here to go to the page for this 4TB drive

IGNORE the $120 price you see there and add the drive to your cart. Now go to your cart.

You should be seeing the $80.99 price in your cart.

They nailed me for state sales tax, which is annoying. Still, $80.99 is a good price for 4TB of high reliability storage with a three year warranty. And shipping is free.

If it is speed you want instead: Run away from this deal, dude. Run far, far away. :grinning:


Or you could shop at Amazon for the same drive and get their Black Friday price . . which is higher

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