Weather on your road trip

Having been forced (or lose my job) to fly fairly frequently in my early career, I developed an aversion to airplanes as they became like buses. I now avoid air travel if reasonable alternatives exist. In country, this usually means auto travel. I became pretty decent at reading weather fronts in the 90’s and 00’s while planning snowbird trips in late fall and early winter from Canada to S. Florida.

Sometime in the 00’s I discovered WeatherUnderground’s road trip planner. You plugged in your origin, destination, and departure time, and their service provided the weather forecast along your route. I’m not sure how they determined the route, but it matched mine, including an off - interstate shortcut that I took. I found it accurate and easy to use.

At some point in the last decade, the service was discontinued. Searches revealed no viable alternative. Fortunately, my trips were no longer through snowy mountains. Having a fairly large window for a 12 hour upcoming drive, I did a cursory search and came across a site that doesn’t deserve this long lead up, but does seem decent.

Morecast trip forecaster


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