What could this lot be used for?

Just noticed this posting for a property less than a mile from my house. From the land records it shows it was sold in July for $3,000 and it’s assessed at $126,000 with taxes at $1400. This would indicate it’s not even buildable, as even quarter acre lots in this are are over $300K the rare times they do come up. Homes bordering the lot are in the $650K to $850K range. Is there any value to this property?

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Nice flag lot. Is it buildable? If services are unavailable, would you be permitted to go with a well and septic? The latter of course might be outlawed in such a highly developed place. As for the former, you would need to know if the water is potable.

Or maybe you could run the water and sewer lines right along the flag?

Everybody here has water and sewer, but without access (a 5 foot flag wouldn’t cut it) it seems worthless. Only possible value might be to sell slices to adjourning property owners to enlarge their back yard.

You’re saying that flag is just five feet wide?

Is there no law which says a property owner cannot be denied ROW access to her or his property? That would be all you would need to get in.

It looks like the entire property is mountain ridgeline (or maybe a ravine, it’s tough to tell). I doubt there’s a site to even build anything, let alone somewhere it can be accessed.

Well normally access would be via the “flag pole”. But the OP is saying it’s only five feet wide!!

I was unable to confirm the five foot thing, but the OP nevertheless could be right. Regardless:

Where I live a landowner lacking frontage cannot be denied access to her or his land via a ROW (right of way) across blocking property. That is a legal right here. So even if that “flag pole” is only five feet wide, and if the same law exists there, then the extra needed width could be garnered via that ROW law.

I’m not talking about access to the property in general, I’m talking about the natural terrain preventing practical access to any building site, and it likely precludes building anything at all. Without some massive terraforming, of course.

I got that. But it is remarkable what an earthmover can accomplish. I think access is the principal issue if that “flag pole” is only five feet wide. I’ve never before run across a flag lot not having a “flag pole” wide enough for proper access.

Rough satellite view. Couple of creeks running through would be enough to prevent development.

I doubt there’s anywhere remotely level enough to build, too. Depending on the barriers between the neighboring homes, it might be a pretty nice place to go camping. Maybe even a small rudamentary “hunting cabin” type building (but water and power hookups would be rather expensive).

From the image of development around it and the price of property in the neighborhood and your description, I would think if developers could have built there they would have.

Unless it’s a new neighborhood and someone hasn’t figured it out yet it doesn’t sound buildable for residential/business. Restructuring the landscaping with the two creeks might cause issues for waterflow to the nearby residential.


buy the lot and rent it out as a picnic or camping area? Street parking.