What is your thinking regarding impeachment?

There is talk today regarding impeachment of Biden in 2023 following Republican takeover of Congress . . . both houses. I’m no fan of the President and America is certainly in much poorer condition now than it was under Trump. However:

Removal of Biden would elevate Vice President Harris into the top spot. What is your opinion as between the two available choices (only). Should Biden remain as President or should Harris receive a shot?

  • President Biden deserves to remain in office
  • We should give Vice President Harris a shot

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What impeachable offense has Biden committed? Other than being frail and confused, I don’t think he has done anything that has risen to the level of impeachment. I disagree with him on many issues, but unless he’s doing something like protecting his family’s dealings with Ukraine, I doubt any of it’s impeachable. Obama was significantly more loose than Sleepy Joe - look no further than Fast and Furious or the Lois Lerner scandals.

If you want Biden gone, the 25th amendment is the route to take. He’s clearly lost a step mentally and, truth be told, I think he’s gotten significantly worse in the last few months. I worry what the stress of the job is doing to his body.


Impeaching Biden just for kicks will unleash a problematic cycle of revenge. It’s just a matter of time before a Republican wins the presidency and has a Democratic controlled Congress. An arbitrary, vengeful impeachment of Biden will necessarily unleashed another vengeful impeachment of somebody else down the road.


Doing so would be the revenge. But perpetuating a problematic cycle nonetheless.

“Don’t like what he’s doing” isnt grounds for impeachment. For better or for worse, he won and is President, and the opportunity to remedy that is the 2024 election. No matter how bad it gets, this is what we’re stuck with.

Unless suggested by Trump. Then it’d be considered a subversion of democracy and an attempted coup.


No offense, @shinobi, but I can’t vote for either of the poll questions as they’re worded. If there were a “I do not know of anything that President Joseph Robinette Biden has done, since becoming President, for which he should be impeached”, I’d flip that lever. Of course I’d do it while holding my nose - the same way that I vote in most elections. :slight_smile:

Looks like a large majority would be happy to vote Yes if they controlled Congress.

A large majority of Republicans. That same article says that Americans as a whole are 66% against it.

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Another example of left wing media oversampling their constituents.


I think that the better question is which is worse, Biden remaining President or handing the reigns to Harris? Not a Biden fan by any stretch, but I really don’t see Harris as being an improvement.

That’s why I can’t vote between the two options offered.

We may have to ride this out until 2024 when we can rid the WH of both of them!


The fallacy might be the assumption that moving from Biden to Harris would require anyone to hand over the reigns…


I think you may be giving her too much credit. That being said, I can’t say that it isn’t possible.

Still, if we can’t remove the entire chain of succession, I’m not sure that doing anything with Biden will really help.

I wasnt giving her any credit. Different puppets, same puppetmaster.