Whats the name of the crowd funding sourced loan website

I cannot for the life of me remember it. I googled but it seems there are a lot of copy cats. Id like to be sure im at a legit funding site not a well financed scam site.

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Kiva if you are trying to make microloans.
Kickstarter if you are trying to get funding for a project.

Lendingclub? Prosper?



Ha. Seems like im still just as confused.
I remember in FW days you could post your score n amount n ppl would bid on it or something like that. Different ppl not like a bank.
But i couldnt remember. Figured id check into it.
But im still lost.
Yeah maybe it was lending club. Just looks different i guess.

I don’t recall any one which had bidding. Lending Club, Propser, and Upstart all set the rate based on the borrower’s score and the loan funding comes from regular people.

They definitely have all changed, though. Lending Club used to give you details about the borrower and lenders could ask questions, but that ended at least five years ago. Upstart used to refund their fees if the borrower defaulted, but that ended about three years ago. All of them also have started taking funding from large banks, ruining the P2P model and leaving no good loans left for the rest of us.


Guess thats why i didnt recognise any of them. They all look like cheap websites designed to fool but financed by banks.

I think there was a ‘first payment free’ promotion when one of the sites started that had FWFers buying each others loans to get that free payment.