When does ACH deposted funds start to earn interest?

ACH’d a large amount on the 15th from Kabbage to Bask Bank. It shows at Bask as going into my account on the 15th as well, but it’s not showing as part of my available balance as of yet. Am I still getting interest on my total balance or just on the available balance?

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It’s all dependent on the specific bank’s policies. Generally, once the deposit posts it will start earning interest, whether the funds are available or not.


This is correct, based on my own experience. Hence:

The only way to know for certain when Bask Bank starts to pay interest, on funds you ACH in, is to telephone the bank, ask, and hope you receive a straight answer.

True story:

A few years ago I was doing business with a Louisiana bank which offered a great APY. I was using ACH to get money there, as you would expect.

It was only by chance that I noticed the interest seemed to be short. Called them:

Sure enough, they admitted to not paying interest on day funds arrived via ACH.

I pulled my money out of that bank and closed the account.