Where is everyone located at? Maybe we could try for some regional meetups?

I’m in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Missing the old finance group and thought it might be fun to do regional dinners if the demand exists/there are enough of us in one area…

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I’m down to meet up in NYC or anywhere if I happen to be traveling to that region at the time.



New Orleans

Screw regional meetups. Let’s go to a beach in Mexico!

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In other groups we’ve done a Vegas meetup. Or maybe somewhere easy for miles and points people like at DFW or ORD. Airport hotel suite.

Once my house is restored from Ida, I’d be happy to host a smallish party at mine in New Orleans.


I’d be down for something like this. I’m in the suburbs of Seattle.

I’d also be open to do a mileage run or something to get there. In the vein of cheapskates… I guess this means we all fly in on a Saturday evening, rent a Crown Vic, and go out for drinks at happy hour prices?


Screw Mexico. Let’s go to Costa Rica!
Oh wait, what was I thinking – Thailand! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, no! I’ve got friends in the Dominican. Can’t get any cheaper if you’re going offshore.

After you sober up and re-think that idea, :rofl:

I’d be happy to meet up at Fatburger on St. Charles … if it’s still there … otherwise, maybe BYOB in front of the St. Charles libary. My only alternative in that part of the country is a couple of sororities at Tulane, and I’m probably no longer welcome there, so never mind. :rofl:

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It’s gone.

Y’all will be proud of me. I managed to snag an IHG Chase night at a hotel on the Saint Charles parade route one night. Sadly, we don’t know anyone having a house party on the route this year.

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