Who else is waiting on 1098s and 1099s that are normally here by now?

I’m expecting the following 1098s this year:

  • Provident Funding x 2 (2 months of old house + new house)
  • SunTrust (First refi of new house)
  • PennyMac (Second refi)

And the following 1099s this year:

  • 1099-INT from Alliant and Fidelity
  • 1099-DIV from Fidelity

The outstanding Fidelity forms do not surprise me, they are always later, but the others do. Alliant is usually the first form I get, during the first week of January, and I haven’t yet gotten it. The 1098s also surprise me - last year I got my 1098 from Provident around the same time that the Alliant 1099 dropped.

In fact, I got my W-2 before I got any of these forms, which never happens.

I know they have until 1/31, so I am not worried… I just find this unusual. The Suntrust one is particularly annoying as they removed my account history/detail when my loan refinanced, so I don’t have a way to calculate the interest I paid until I get the 1098.

Anyone else waiting around for forms that are usually here by now?

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You can if you know the interest rate and the exact dates – just plug your numbers into the right formula.

Good point, but this gets tricky - they always pad the payoff by a few days interest and while I have the date that the payoff was transmitted, I don’t have the date it was actually credited to my account. I thought about taking the figure from the payoff on the closing disclosure and subtracting the refund I received, but I don’t have the figures for the junk fees either (recording, payoff, etc).

I have a close estimate of the interest but what I really want is the exact amount so I can just cross-check everything and not have to re-add a bunch of cascading line numbers once all the respective forms arrive :slight_smile:.

The payment is a wire transfer, so everything should happen on the same day. Any refund is unlikely to contain overpaid interest. But I see what you’re saying. Over the years I’ve found it unwise to do taxes too early before receiving all the forms, even if I think I know all the amounts exactly (and I usually do as I keep track of everything throughout the year and save all my statements). Even if the amounts are correct, I’ve had some of my information misspelled on the forms, and this needs to be indicated as such on the tax return.

I received a notice about this from Alliant some days ago, posted on my account, which I had not bothered to read. Your post caused me to read the Alliant notice.

Alliant advises, for those signed up for e-statements, we will have our 1099-INT by 31 January. They also mention our 2019 number is available on our December 2019 statement.

For Alliant members who are not signed up for e-statements? They promise they will snail mail your 1099-INT no later than month’s end.

Normally? I can’t remember but I didn’t scan in my K-1 till last week of Feb last year, judging by the file date.

My brokers are telling me end of Jan for 1099-Rs and mid Feb for 1099s for taxable trading accounts. Could be a little sooner if they get their act together.

Your nightmare is over, mine just came in email.

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Excellent, I can finally sleep again :slight_smile: !

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I guess since I cannot file until Jan 27th at the earliest, I’m not waiting too impatiently yet. I think by law they have until Jan 31st and some really like to cut it close before sending you their 1099s. They’re coming about 1-2 per day this week so it’s fine. Now if I could only get our W2s. Employer is always super slow with those even when they don’t screw up and have to send corrected ones (last year got the corrected ones early February).

Other thing is that I’ll owe the IRS this year so even if I’m curious to see how much I’ll owe exactly (shouldn’t be more than $2k and won’t have penalty), I’m in no rush to file obviously.