Who will join POTUS nominee Biden on the Democrat ticket as VP?

There are a great many interested Democrats this early. It all has to come down to the 2020 convention where the Democrats will select their standard bearer. Who will it be? Do you have a favorite?

I’m confident Michelle Obama would be their strongest candidate. But of course she would have to agree to run and so far that is a “no go”.

Elizabeth Warren? I dunno. Word on the street is she has lost popularity even in the state she currently represents, Massachusetts.

Cory Booker and Kamala Harris are certainly interesting hopefuls. Either could end up the nominee.

Would the party go back to Mrs. Clinton? Perhaps for her the “third time would be the charm”.

Bernie Sanders almost certainly will compete for the nomination. He might do better this time around. He has quite a large following.

And let’s not ignore Joe Biden. He surely might throw his hat into the ring.

So many other Democrats, ones I have not mentioned, are also interested. Do you have a “gut feel” as to who will end up the nominee?

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All right, I messed up the OP just a tad bit. It was NOT intentional, please believe me, and I’ll try to fix the oversight here:

According to NBC news, and who knows Democrat politics better, NBC being essentially a mouthpiece for the party, it is Beto O’Rourke who is at present the Democrat Party 2020 frontrunner and favorite. Here is your reference:

Run Beto Run!!

I agree with them Beto would be a formidable candidate. I just did not think of him when I wrote the OP. But if Beto carried Texas for the Democrats the election would be over before it even could start. And Trump would be finished. Trump cannot win without Texas. Period.

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If Texans didn’t want him for senate, why would they want him for president? Just because he’s from there? I don’t buy it.

The premise of this thread is ridiculous, it doesn’t matter at all who is a favorite so far in advance. And there’s no frontrunner, because there are no runners (AFAIK).


Dont’ we have a OTPI thread some where?

Bernie will run again, I think.

or vote for me, the Bull Moose Party candidate.

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Well, during his Senate run Beto was opposed by another Texan. So a toss up regarding state loyalty.

But as a POTUS candidate his opposition would be a dreaded New Yorker.

Ah, but you did not click the article I just posted. Of course it’s very early. But the race has begun, mark my words.

Besides, I was just trying to elicit opinions. It’s not cutthroat here . . . I hope. This is for fun.:grinning:

You have a weird definition of “fun”.

Not sure how good the MoveOn straw poll is. Cory Booker finishing last, even below Bloomberg doesn’t sound right to me – Booker is hot!

On the day my mom came into this world, TR was POTUS. Today he is on Mt. Rushmore alongside three other notable former POTUS officeholders.

But later, in 1912, even TR’s Bull Moose run fell short, though he came in second. TR split the Republican vote that year, electing Wilson in the process.

That 1912 race is instructive because I can foresee the exact same thing happening to Trump in 2020. Trump is so detested by some Republicans that they would prefer a Democrat officeholder to him. And Trump’s margin will be so slim, if it exists at all, that any (even semi) prominent Republican on the ballot as a third party candidate will easily siphon off enough votes to elect the Democrat.

Interesting that in the case of TR during his Bull Moose run, he actually out-polled the incumbent Republican (Taft), who ended up coming in third!! Either Taft or TR, in a one-on-one race against Wilson, could have prevailed. Instead stubbornness and Wilson prevailed.

Never-trumpers may have switched to Never-gop-ers, so it may not really be just about 2020. I personally have.

Here’s a summary of betting markets for the 2020 Democrat.


Roughly in best to worst order currently:

Caroline Kennedy
Beto ORourke
Kamala Harris
Joe Biden
Bernie Sanders


Great and instructive post! This is the first I have seen mention of Ms. Kennedy’s name as being in the running.

I think the Democrats will enhance their chances for success by nominating a (relatively) younger person, like Kennedy or O’Rourke or Harris . . . . or Michelle Obama if she would accept the nomination.

I think they would harm themselves by nominating a candidate even more fossilized than Trump. To be fair to Trump, though, he seems to have a lot of get-up-and-go for a person his age. But he nevertheless is old compared with the aforementioned younger Democrat possibilities.

I’m sort of a Tulsi fan myself. Tulsi is hot. :laughing:

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eh who?

Oh, come on. You know. She is on xerty’s list.

The Congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard.

Too bad she’s married. But I’m pretty sure I heard she already has been doing some sniffing around in New Hampshire.

I’ll bet you she was not doing THIS in New Hampshire! (see bottom photo)

If the Dems choose a male as their POTUS nominee, Tulsi would make a great choice for VEEP!:laughing:

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Kirstin Gillibrand is one I’d watch out for. She’s got donor problems because of the ouster of Al Franken but I wouldn’t underestimate her.

Well, you made me go back and check xerty’s list. Gotta confess I did not see coming what I found there. Kirsten is actually one slot AHEAD of Liz Warren. What the heck!! So, anyway, I guess you’re right.

Poor Liz really is on a downward slide. Her DNA debacle went over so poorly, even in Massachusetts for goodness sake. I mean what did she turn out to be, like 0.000001% Kickapoo . . . . or whatever. Yeah, she is a real Native American. Liz, give us a break!!

Has anyone heard her speak, or not?

Unless she had a second test done, she has no proof of any American Indian ancestry. The tester had no American Indian DNA to compare hers to, so he used DNA from Mexican and South American Indians to estimate that of American Indians. The white man certainly hasn’t finished insulting the red man.

Yes. It was back in 2009 when she was considering a NY Senate run while, at the same time, raising teenagers. Her speech patterns were alarmingly, strikingly, akin to those of a teenager. However:

That was years ago. Her kids are grown and she is much older now. While I’ve not heard her speak recently, I would hope that by now she has managed to clean up that portion of her act.


Speech affectations have always fascinated me. They come and go and they oftentimes infect one class of people while leaving others alone.

One interesting example, found principally among today’s elites, is their inability to answer a question without first uttering the word “so”.

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LoL, i never heard of her till now. I can see the appeal.

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Joe Biden is leading in Iowa!!

Joe Biden IS THE MAN!!

Stand up, Joe.