Who will join POTUS nominee Biden on the Democrat ticket as VP?

Congrats on your son learning about the wonderful “team” of one. My wife used to join lots of committees and volunteered for all kinds of teams. With, the increase in slackers on these teams, she now keeps her nose down, and just does her own work.


The fog has cleared and I’ve finally figured out why Vice President Biden chose Kamala. Heck, he had real opportunity elsewhere. Biden is ahead in California by thirty points . . or whatever. But in Florida he is “neck 'n neck” with POTUS. Val Demings is an accomplished Florida woman who would have brought along enough Orlando region voters possibly to secure Florida for the Democrats.

But, nope, Biden cast Demings aside. And Susan Rice brought enough experience and gravitas to help all across the country. But, no dice on Rice. And there were other fine VP candidates as well, all women.

So why Kamala? Well, Kamala is a quitter who knows how to lose. Think back to the early days of this thread. Kamala was the first of our top tier candidates here to drop out of the race. She quit. Kamala could not even stand up to the beating Tulsi gave her on the debate stage. Remember that?

Kamala did leave the playing field, and accept her loss, with dignity and grace. These are qualities which will serve Vice President Biden well in the days following November third.

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Noted in passing:

Candidate Biden is out of his cellar, actually leaving Delaware, and will be campaigning in person in, OF ALL PLACES, Minnesota!

Hillary won Minnesota by a narrow margin over Trump in 2016. The fact Biden needs to shore up his candidacy there is a real eye opener.

Could there be something going on the polls are not revealing? Stay tuned!

Polls will show a tightening as they do almost every election. This allows the idiots who sell their polling services to pretend that they weren’t so far off when they fail. I believe that polls are used more for shaping public opinion than gauging public opinion. We hear people squawking about this poll and that poll like they mean something.

Look at the Teetotaler. According to polls, she was a shoe-in. She couldn’t be beat. Are you telling me that President Trump’s voters made of their minds in the last 3 days before the election?

I don’t believe in this concerted strategy from the media, mostly because I don’t understand what is to gain by building an illusion of an easy win. If they wanted to boost Hillary’s chances, building up complacency in poorly motivated voters doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

Quite the opposite. I would think that they’d want to show polls being super close or even leaning for Trump to promote maximum mobilization, no? I’m not a strategist though but if that was deliberate, I’d think that by now, they’d have learned that it doesn’t pan out like they hoped it would LOL.

It’s used to discourage turnout for Trump. If the polls convince people that he doesn’t have a chance, there is not much of a point in standing in line to vote. It won’t make a difference.

Oh, and as far as a concerted strategy from the media, I think it’s more of a strategy from the Democrat candidate who pays for the poll. The media is just their communications wing. To see how much independence the media has, see how often they say the exact same thing, as if they’re reading from the same teleprompter. One example that has stood out in my mind for years is when Bush chose Chaney for vp. For the next 72 - 96 hours, news readers could not complete a sentence without the word gravitas in it. How independent is that?


Here’s a collection of the standardized liberal messaging across various media and news coverage of trump.


Nice. Now lets also post how Sinclair forces their messages down on all the local stations verbatim.

I recommend the whole episode, but the example starts at 8:40:


I presume that your response to @xerty’s post means that you accept that the liberal line is pushed down onto the public from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, AlJazeera, etc., except for the local station news that is owned by Sinclair networks.


With respect:

Please do not neglect mention of PBS and NPR.

Their “News Hour” broadcast last evening was so biased to the liberal side I had to turn it off. The old bag, Judy whatever, they have reading their “news” interviewed a CNN hoople, without perceptible challenge, as he condemned his biggest competition, FOX, from pillar to post. The liberal bias oozed, dripped, and later gushed freely in a torrent of unbridled left wing nonsense with volume akin to Niagara Falls.

You might wonder why I would even tune into such garbage in the first place. Well, I try to remain abreast of enemy thinking and plots, just as we did with the Germans during WWII and with the Russkies during the cold war. Of course with PBS it’s different and even more serious: They are the enemy within.


Yaa hoo!!

Say it like it is shinobi… :rofl: So much fake nice out & about…

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Leave it to Vice President Biden to provide an excuse for the re-opening of this thread. To wit:

In the last couple of days the old boy has TWICE made reference to the



Say WHAT!!

Yup. No BS. That is exactly what he said. By placing Senator Harris first, Biden played right into the widely held belief that, if they win, Harris will become POTUS before the 2024 election. Talk about a Freudian slip!!

I don’t know whether to laugh at the poor old guy or feel sorry for him. One thing is for certain:

Joe Biden should have run back in 2016. It is too late now for him to become POTUS. America does not need a seventy-eight year old leader who is too often confused.

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Fixed it for you. :wink:

Maybe that’s what Biden means by the Harris-Biden thing LOL.

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Posting this here because:

In the early days of this thread we focused heavily on the Democrat debates. Sure that is history now, but there is an aspect I completely missed:

Notable about those debates, ALL of them, is that they took place in the evening. At the time I was unaware of sundowning. Now I’m on board. For anyone unfamiliar:

Sundowning is real

We witnessed in the debates that Biden often appeared confused and a step or two behind mentally. Other times, but not in the evening, he does better.

Clearly Vice President Biden suffers from sundowning. What must be troubling for his handlers is that the upcoming debates vs. Trump all take place in the evening!

We connect this word with Dementia. Anyone who has had a relative in the early stages of dementia has heard the doctors speak of sundowning. Doctors tell the caretaker to try & complete more tasks in the early part of the day.


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Did you even bother to watch President Trump last evening, starting at nine o’clock eastern?

I’m betting you did not.

Trump vs. Biden at same time of day: no comparison.

It’s the right thing to do, regardless of how many disgusting things he’s done.

After going back to re-read what you “fixed”, I don’t understand. How old is he?

I thought this thread was about SS MInnow Captain Party Candidate Joseph Biden. That can’t be about him, because he can’t stay awake past nine. Come to think of it, is there any difference between SSMCPC Joseph Biden when he’s awake and not?