Win a Tesla! $100 Raffle ticket - Ended 5-31-19

Chance to win a 2018 Tesla Model 3 for a $100 raffle ticket.

1800 total tickets for sale.

Funds go to the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

Federal back-up tax withholding of $15,180 is included in the prize.
Winner must pay $4000-$5000 state taxes.

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Expected value of one $100 raffle ticket is $34. You’re much better off at a slot machine.

Also note that ticket purchase for a non-profit doesn’t mean you are supporting a non-partisan organization.


I don’t think you get what I mean by expected value (EV) . The average slot hold in Nevada for the past 15 years is 6.31%. That means for every $100 you put in a slot machine, you will leave with $93.69. Compare that to the raffle with an EV of ~$34. Even the shadiest unregulated Indian casino isn’t going to have a hold above 25%. Keep in mind, slots pay out lots of spins that don’t result in jackpots. That is why you’re better off with a slot machine.


This is a raffle to raise funds for a non-profit organization that helps people, not casino gambling which is designed to produce profits for the owners.

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This raffle is for people who are bad at math :slight_smile:. If they wanted to donate to the organization, they should just donate.


Particularly those in the alleged clean energy cabal. :stuck_out_tongue:


The funds go to a non-profit which helps reduce mercury pollution, pushes for clean-up of coal ash dump sites, and promotes clean air and clean water.

People who don’t want a chance at a Tesla should just donate :slight_smile:


Your $100 is better off at Win a Tesla Model 3 - Win a Car Sweepstakes | Omaze

Hmm … clean drinking water or air conditioning … air conditioning or clean drinking water.

Plus $20k and no taxes!

$100 is definitely not better off at Omaze.

  1. Unlimited entries vs. 1800 max for CCAN.

  2. Only 15% of your donation goes toward the charity, if it gets there at all because Omaze doesn’t send it directly to the charity.

Omaze is a for-profit company that is collecting 15% for themselves on this raise, plus 70% to get the prize and run the sweepstakes.

Still, it’s worth entering for free, and I did (although I wonder if they just delete the free entries).


I’ve never seen an environmental non-profit as overtly partisan as the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. Then again, I don’t look into may environmental non-profits, so maybe the #RESIST WITH US banner on their homepage is just par for the course.

Regardless, good luck in the raffle!

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Anything with #Resist is anti-republican and pro-democrat. Why are you pretending you don’t know this? Everything you said about CCAN is a common opinion held mostly by people on the left. If someone pointed out a #MAGA banner on the NRA website to me, I wouldn’t pretend that they’re non-partisan. I’m not an NRA supporter, but if I were, I wouldn’t spout a bunch of right leaning 2nd amendment talking points and pretend like people on both sides of the aisle feel the same way.

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