Yes, I'm a Guy Who Now Pays $30 for a T-Shirt. Here's Why

I wanted to see what a pro-FD crowd thinks of this article.

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I’ll take the bite. The article is obviously just a veiled attempt at advertising. However, I have moved away from buying cheap basics, as I have found they don’t last long, and then I have to buy new ones and they don’t make them anymore and so on. So I buy quality which costs more. Not sure it is the best economic decision, but I like having things that last a long time. There is also an environmental and and a labor issue I value. All this disposable level items sold is just a real waste.

I go one step above multipacks of t-shirts and buy the hanes/ fruit of the loom/ gildan individual shirts. they are quite a bit thicker and have necks that last a lot longer. plus they come in multiple colors. when they aren’t on sale, I think they are about $5.50 per shirt at most places. but I try to get them on sale anywhere from $2-$4. The only place I have been successful getting them for $2 is Michael’s. I didn’t know I could get decent shirts at Michael’s until recently. Michael’s always has coupons. As for this dumb advertisement pretending to be an article, I can’t imagine a shirt being 6 to 15 times better than what I’m wearing today. I also try to spend under $20 for dress shirts for work, so unless I was spending $50-60 on my dress shirts, it doesn’t make sense to spend more than $20 on a t-shirt.

It’s branded content. Various media outlets have different standards for disclosing “advertorial” content. The “affiliate link” disclaimer at the bottom is the give away here. The media industry is moving more towards videos and branded content as traditional forms of advertising are less in demand/lower priced.


Worked, right? Got us talking about the stupid shirt.

Circumventing my adblocking efforts :angry:

If you post nothing more than a link to an article with a comment like “I want to see what FD thinks” you should expect to have your posted deleted. Especially if it’s not a hot deal