YOC moneymaker in your Inbox

YOC emails offers of $5-15 Amazon gift cards for online surveys.
Mundane stuff like a past Amazon Cash Load experience, dining habits, etc.

The point of this post is not “hotness”…but to not ignore(out of caution).

I fact, i’d check spam/junk for this found money…which is a good practice overall anyway- important stuff sometimes gets trapped there.

Warning: sometimes you won’t fit the profile after a few questions…ergo no money. Where you know the money is guaranteed is when it’s about a specific past event or product/service you have done/gotten.

What is YOC ?

Survey site…Your Opinions Count.
You’ll see YOC as contact name in the email.

PS going to the website without survey code only yields a blank page.

Do the Amazon promo, which gifts you $5, then couple weeks later you might get the survey about it for another $5: