Andrews Federal Credit Union

Andrews Federal Credit Union


You are right about this! They still haven’t pulled my funds. They must be flooded with new accounts or too small. I will wait another week and then cancel if no action.


Once I got the share account open, the ACH pull of the initial funds happened in a day or so. But because of their limit on pulls, I pushed from an external account and that seemed to be even quicker.


I ended up calling in. A very nice lady took care of it for me in about 5 minutes. She apologized numerous times. It sounds like they received thousands of applications, possibly 10’s of thousands. Not surprising.


2 new offers from Andrews today. (There are more at the link also).

8-Month Certificate Special

This short-term Share Certificate offers you a great 2.86% APY1 .

84-Month Certificate Special

This Share Certificate’s APY2 is 3.45% and ensures a high rate for the longer term.


As mentioned in the other thread, they now have a 6 month, 3.25% rate. Do they still have a $10K limit for ACH?


To answer my own question, $10K is still the limit using a pull from Andrews, at least for a new account.

I decided to join without opening a CD. Assuming the memberships is opened without issue, I will do what Patty and Statgren did in July and push the money from another account into savings and then open the CD.

They have the shared branch option, but there isn’t one convenient to me.


Is anyone familiar with the CD maturity options/process at Andrews? TIA


You must telephone the credit union to change your maturity option for an Andrews CD. The selection cannot be made at the Andrews website. The default, of course, is CD renewal.

My own account is currently set up to move all CD proceeds, upon maturity, into my Andrews savings. There are likely other options but I do not know what they are.


Somebody posted that Andrews has a $15 incoming wire fee!

If true that is not so great.


They do list a $15 for bank-to-bank incoming wires with this note:

External Account Transfers in online banking can be utilized to avoid this fee. The daily limit for inbound and outbound transfers is $5,000. The monthly limit for inbound and outbound transfers is $25,000.

[Edit: That $5,000 limit doesn’t sound right because I ACHed much more than that in when setting up a new account and CD. I vaguely recall some conversation about that limit not applying when funding a new account.]


My money is finally on it’s way to Andrews FCU. I’m ACH transferring out of EBSB & hopefully it will arrive at Andrews tomorrow. (but my luck has not been going very well lately) But this promo lasts thru 3/2, so I should be ok.

I plan to set up the account as shinobi suggested. Move all CD proceeds, upon maturity, into my Andrews savings.


I hope it works out for you, pattyb53. From what you wrote I’m assuming you initiated your ACH transfer at EBSB. If so, did you inquire of them, in advance, as to how rapidly their ACH service makes delivery? It could consume several days, and of course Saturday is not an ACH delivery day.

I did read somewhere that Andrews will allow later funding for their special CD account, provided however that the account be opened no later than Saturday. So if your money is not at Andrews on Friday I suggest you telephone them then, explain the money is on its way, and try to arrange for whatever they require to get your account up and running, merely awaiting funding.


Yes shinobi, I did initiate the transfer from EBSB. Thankfully it did arrive at Andrews this morning. I also transferred a second lessor amount today from EBSB which should arrive a Andrew tomorrow.

I decided to go for broke on this 6mo 3.25% deal at Andrews. It may leave me empty handed financially right now but I have a backup with 2 CD’s at Navy that mature 3/7. That money will go right into EBSB at maturity, & I can still be waiting for that 4%'er.

I feel good now! I was thinking about dropping EBSB when they put me on a 3-day hold on deposit. (which turned out to be almost a week) But, transferring out of EBSB was 1 day. :wink:


Agreed. Overnight ACH delivery of funds is a feather in EBSB’s cap! You do not need Alliant when you have service like that. I am surprised but am also happy for you that everything worked out well.


No bank is perfect but EBSB has been good to deal with in most respects so far for me. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Wasn’t sure what to expect from them.


Thanks @shinobi

This worked and was relatively painless. Hold time was a bit much but I eventually opted for the call-back option. I imagine they are getting hammered again due to specials or are understaffed in the early evenings.