Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Strongly suggest you telephone the bank. They will have to make that call.

Regardless also suggest you keep at least $1 in your account simply to maintain the integrity of the account. Accounts standing too long with zero balance are too often closed by the bank. Send 'em a buck.:grinning:


Well you were right…although I still had a login the account had been closed (with no notification?) so I opened an MMA at the new rate and socked some money into it. Will be the perfect place to move the money put into ALLY for it’s promo when it expires mid january.


Looks like EBSB Direct HYS is dead. “Page can no longer be found”. Their main page shows a 2.5% 15-month CD. They will probably close shop soon.


I have an account with EBSB Direct. I logged into my account & all is well. I received my 2.5% interest on 10/31. I just called a rep & was told there is no problem with EBSB.
I asked about the present rate 2.5% & was told everything is fine. I asked about how long the rate will remain, she said, “I have worked here 3 yrs & they have never lowered their rate.”

I don’t think they will probably close shop soon. :wink:


Just wanted to add that Hanscom has upped the APR from 3% to 5% on their automated savings account. More info here:


Doc is featuring TIAA deal of up to $350 in bonuses. There are a lot of conflicting, confusing, conditions. Ya gotta read all of Doc’s stuff. Despite the complexity, deal still might work for some participants here.

The doctor is IN! - link


A confusing deal. Do NOT miss the comment making reference to “quantum superposition”. Now that is one funny comment!:rofl:


What does account opening bonuses have to do with liquid account interest rates?


That’s akin to a Washington Mutual employee telling me that she worked there more than 10 years and the bank isn’t going anywhere (I was adding a POD to an account > FDIC limit, and when asked “why”, I answered “just in case”). This was less than 2 years before they went under.

Not saying anything about EBSB, just that the word of an employee is meaningless in this case.


Tough one. The accounts are not exactly liquid if you want your bonus . . . but they are somewhat liquid in that you can get your money back fairly soon . . . along with the bonus (if you play their game) . . . which in effect nudges the interest rate upward. The accounts are not certificates of deposit so I took the liberty of filing this under “liquid”.


Anyone remember Indymac Bank? Just saying. :wink:


Max of $500 per month…is that indefinite? The product seems a bit confusing.

Edit: Looks like after the first year, you have to open a new account and it will start over.

So You’re never going to get 5% on the full $6,000. Has anyone done the math on what you actually get?


Alliant CU at 1.95% now. Ally Bank needs to do the same.


No they don’t, they got a huge inflow of capital with the 1% bonus. No way Ally raises rates until February.


Updated the Wiki for Marcus (Goldman Sachs) to 2.05%.

BTW - I’ve been with them for a while and am really happy with them… except for one thing - their website formatting is geared towards cellphones (very limited data per page), which is kind of annoying.


Submit a complaint / feedback. It has worked for me in the past with some large banks, so they don’t all ignore legitimate feedback.


PNC High Yield Savings interest rate is now at 2.35% APY.

Word on street is you may open with CC for up to $2000.

Not everyone eligible. Depends on where you live.

Have no personal experience with this offering. Am merely your humble reporter.



So far, I’ve been impressed with PNC.

Yes, you can put the initial $2,000 on a credit card. I had no issues.


It sounds like a good deal but not available in my area.

Shinobi, what street are you on where you hear these things?


“Shinobi, what street are you on where you hear these things?”

Argyll, you are an absolute HOOT!!:rofl:

I’m on Easy Street and all the neighbors here talk about stuff like this.:grinning:


Hey, guys!

Ken has the new liquid money PNC 2.35% deal now. It’s one of Ken’s FULL blog writeups and he includes all the details and other stuff that I failed to mention in my up-thread post.